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Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences

Eskişehir Osmangazi University Institute of Science has started academic activities in 1980 as Anadolu University Faculty of Graduate Studies.

Higher Education Institutions re-arranged in our country with the law no 2880, published in August 17th 1983 with changing "Higher Education Act" the law no 2547, published in November 6th  1981. 

One of the modifications in the law is; graduate education and training activities no longer carried out within the group of each faculty but be carried out by institutes affiliated university Rectorship. According to changes, Institutes of Social Sciences, Sciences and Health Sciences was established within Anadolu University and have began activities in 1982- 1983.

Institute of Science has begun serving on Çamlık campus with the establishment of Osmangazi University on 1993. Institute moved in Meşelik Campus on 2005 and continued to serve and on 31.12.2008 moved to M3 Bloc of meşelik campus gained better physical facilities. Accrued service, student affairs, and other secretarial work carried out in the institute. In 2009, a meeting room was opened in M3 block for 25 people. This meeting room has infrastructure to made meetings, seminars and thesis defense ??exams. Institute of Science continuously updating common networking page with the aim to provide an effective service to graduate students. Common networking page can be reached from fbe.ogu.edu.tr or http://www2.ogu.edu.tr addresses. Graduate thesis is realized by using research laboratory with infrastructure of the departments.


Graduate Program

1. General Information

Graduate Scohool of Natural and Applied Science  depertmant includes 17 different depertmants, and 4 multidisciplinary  department . Every year master students are accepted by Institute of Science in accordance with the conditions of admission and registration to the quota reported by mentioned branches of science on Spring and Fall semesters.


2. Qualification

Master's degree and doctorate degree is given to students who successfully complete the program (Department of).


3. Level of Qualification

Master Degree and Doctorate


4. Admission Requirements

Number of students to be admitted for each subfield is determined and announced by the request of the faculty members before the semester begins. Scores of nation wide exams ALES and ÜDS/KPDS and student GPA are used to calculate a score for admission. ALES is similarto the GRE exam has 50% weight while ÜDS and KPDS are foreign language exams with 25% weight. The GPA of the student has the remaining 25% weight in the admission score.

Transfer from other universities is also possible


5. Recognition of Prior Learning

Some of the graduate level courses taken from other universities may be counted for the degree program upon the request of the student and the approval of the advisor and the program director.


6. Qualification Requirements and Regulations

Master Degree program  department consist of at least 7 lesson, (total of not less than twenty-one credits) 1 seminar lesson, specialization field courses and thesis. Seminar lesson, specialization field courses and thesis are non credit and evaluate as “successful” or “unsuccessful”. All courses must be passed in the student's program, grade should not be FF, DZ or YZ. In this program, students provide a minimum of 120 ECTS credits and grade point average should be 3,00 out of 4,00. Relevant rules of practice are on the 6-9. article of ESOGÜ Graduate Education Regulation.

PhD Degree program department consist of at least 8 lesson, (total of not less than twenty-four credits) 1 seminar lesson, qualification exam, specialization field courses, thesis proposal and thesis. Seminar lesson, specialization field courses and thesis are non credit and evaluate as “successful” or “unsuccessful”. All courses must be passed in the student's program, grade should not be FF, DZ or YZ. In this program, students provide a minimum of 120 ECTS credits and grade point average should be 3,00 out of 4,00.


7. Program Profile (Aim)

       The aim of the programs in the Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences is to give a comprehensive graduate education that provides to the students to obtain academic insight, research and development abilities.


8. Program Outcomes (Learning Outcomes)

1.  Improve their knowledge, related to branches, as a specialist, on the basis of department graduate-level qualifications.

2.    Apply their knowledge and technology to education, industry, agriculture, health and environmental problems.

3.    Create specific solutions on related branches with using research methods.

4. Person who sensitive to universal and social values, interest benefits of the country, researching, producing, has ethical values on the working subjects/ aplications.

5.  Have ability to use the achievements in the field of program  on multidisciplinary studies.

6.   Have the ability on access, reading, comprehension, and make comments to scientific publications.

7. Improves attitudes towards project-based work.

8. Systematically transfers the current developments and / or their works, support with quantitative and qualitative data as written, oral, visual and practical to in and outside of their brances.

9.    Advanced user of the computer and information technologies for the purposes of the branches.

10.Able to communicate oral and written with a language on European Language Portfolio.

11.Contributes to the process of becoming an information society with academic and cultural knowledge.

12.Develop a positive attitude towards life-long learning


9. Graduates Employment Opportunities

The graduates may continue their studies as an instructor at education institutions or get a position in industry, education or public sector


10. Passing to Upper Degree Programs

The graduates of master programs may continue to Ph. D. programs if they satisfy the program requirements

The graduates who have successfully completed the Ph. D. programs may continue to their studies in the same or similar areas as an instructor or a faculty in the higher education institutions or may get positions in the public or private institutions/foundations.


11. Testing, Measurement and Evaluation

Evaluation and assessment methods for each course are described in detail on "Course Information Form".


12. Graduation Requirements

Graduation requirements described as in the "Qualification Requirements and Regulations" section.


13. Mode of Study (Full-Time, E-Learning)

Full time


14. Address and Contact Information (Department / Program Director, Assistant and Erasmus Coordinator)

Eskişehir Osmangazi University

The Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences

Meşelik Campus 26480 Eskişehir

Tel 222 239 37 50 / 3636

Prof. Dr. Hürriyet ERŞAHAN(Director) Dahili: 3637


15. Department / Program Opportunities

2 Professor, 1 Associate Professor has been at the Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences.


16. Academical Stuff

Prof. Dr. Hurriyet ERSAHAN

Prof. Dr. Ahmet ÇABUK

Doç.Dr. M.Ertunç TAT