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Agriculturel Biotechnology (MSc)


Sufficiently use of a foreign language, oral and written communication.


To offer the time course and results of the studies systematically and clearly as written or oral in national and international workspace or not.


To lead in multidisciplinary teams, to develop solution approach in complex cases, to work independently and to take responsibility.


To design and practice the researches theoretical, experimental and based on modelling; to solve and scrutiny complex problems encountered in this process.


To utilize of information and communication technologies in the field of Agricultural Biotechnology and use sufficiently.


To develop and implement new methods to identify and solve problems in the field of Agricultural Biotechnology.


Be aware of new and developing applications in the field of Agricultural Biotechnology needed  to study and learn them.


To take account of social, scientific and ethical values; during the collection, interpretation and dissemination of the data stages and in all professional activities.


To development new and/or original ideas and methods; to design complex systems or processes and to development innovative /alternative solutions in their designs.


To know social, environmental, health, safety, legal aspects, project management  and their business life applications of Agricultural Engineering and to realize the limitations of them on/in engineering applications.


To have knowledge about current techniques and methods used in Agricultural Engineering with to make comparisons about their constraints.