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    Faculty of Education

Civil Engineering (PhD)


In civil engineering and related other fields, ability of understanding and applying mathematics, basic science and engineering science at high level

LO 2

In civil engineering and related other fields, ability of reaching out new information and designing original research projects that bring innovation to science and technology individually, planning, managing, finalizing these projects and applying them in the field

LO 3

Ability of designing, planning, managing, finalizing and applying interdisciplinary and innovative projects

LO 4

Ability of presenting and publishing outcome of the academic research at all different kinds of academic meetings


Ability of using at least one foreign language at a sufficient level, ability of communication and discussion in this language in verbal and writing at high level

LO 6

Ability of discussing, synthesizing and evaluating of new ideas and developments in his field


Ability of evaluation of recent scientific, technologic, social, cultural and environmental developments; to be aware of being objective, ethical and responsible