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Mathematics-Computer (MSc)


Through scientific research in the field of reaches the knowledge widely and in-depth,  evaluates, comments and applies  the knowledge.


With current techniques and methods applied in the field has information on level of expertise of these constraints.


Using the uncertain, limited or incomplete data with scientific methods completes the knowledge and implements; able to use together information from different disciplines.


Aware of new and developing applications related to professions, learn and examine these applications when needed.


Ability to formulate and ıdentify problems that are related to study field, develop methods for solving problems and  apply innovative methods in solution.


Ability to develop new and / or original ideas and methods; design complex systems or processes and develop innovative / alternative solutions in his design.


Theoretical, experimental and modeling based design research and practice;  examines the complex problems encountered in this process and solutions.


Ability to work effectively in inner or multi-disciplinary teams,  is able to lead in the such team and able to develop solution approaches in complex cases; work independently and take responsibility.


Ability to communicate in written and oral forms, use at least one foreign language European Language Portfolio C1 General Level.


The process and results of the studies, at this  or outside areas national and international environment be transfer systematically and clearly written or oral.


The stages of collection, interpretation, dissemination of data and all events in profession supervise social, scientific and effect values.


The techniques necessary for the study field, the skills and gain the ability of using modern tools on level of expertise.