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Mechanical Engineering (PhD)


Sufficient knowledge of mechanical engineering subjects related with science and own branch; an ability to apply theoretical and practical knowledge on solving and modeling of engineering problems.


Ability to determine, define, formulate and solve complex mechanical engineering problems; for that purpose an ability to select and use convenient analytical and experimental methods.


Ability to design a complex system, a component and/or an engineering process under real life constrains or conditions, defined by environmental, economical and political problems; for that purpose an ability to apply modern design methods.


Ability to develop, select and use modern methods and tools required for mechanical engineering applications; ability to effective use of information technologies.


In order to investigate mechanical engineering problems; ability to set up and conduct experiments and ability to analyze and interpretation of experimental results.


Ability to work effectively in inner or multi-disciplinary teams; proficiency of interdependence.


Ability to communicate in written and oral forms in Turkish/English; proficiency at least one foreign language.


Awareness of life-long learning; ability to reach information; follow developments in science and technology and continuous self-improvement.


Understanding of professional and ethical issues and taking responsibility


Awareness of project, risk and change management; awareness of entrepreneurship, innovativeness and sustainable development.


Knowledge of actual problems and effects of mechanical engineering applications on health, environment and security in global and social scale; an awareness of juridical results of engineering solutions.