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Polymer Science and Technology (MSc)


By doing effective literature search and research in the field of polymer science and technology, to gain ability to reach and evaluate the knowledge deeply and widely and to gain the ability to interpret and apply .



Detailed knowledge about the latest techniques and methods applied in PBT field and having extensive knowledge about their limitations.


Ability to develop new and/or original ideas and methods; capability to find or develop innovative/alternative solutions to complex problems encountered during the research process.



Ability to design and practice theoretical, experimental and simulative research tasks and to assess and analyze complex problems that are faces during the research process




Ability to understand what they read using a foreign language at a sufficient level and gain oral and written communication skills.


Be familiar with, and partly to gain the ability to use advanced technology featured in PBT field


Ability to identify and formulate Polymer Science and Technology related problems and in order to solve these problems, to gain the necessary practical skills to develop novel methods and apply innovative alternatives.


Ability to express or transfer the process and results of the study systematically and clearly in both national and international environment by express in writing or orally.


Ability to work effectively in interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary teams, to make leadership in this kind of team and to develop solutions to complex situations, ability to work independently and take responsibility.