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Industrial Engineering (MSc)


Accessing deep and advanced knowledge through scientific researches in the field of Industrial Engineering, ability to evaluate, interpret and implement the knowledge.


Having comprehensive knowledge about actual techniques and methods in engineering as well as their constraints.


Completion and implementation of uncertain, limited or missing data through scientific methods in addition ability to use knowledge belongs to various disciplines.


Awareness of new and developing Industrial Engineering practices, ability to investigate and learn them as needed.



Ability to define and formulate problems related to industrial engineering and skills for developing methods to solve the problems and using innovative methods during solutions.


Developing new and/or original methods and conceptions; ability to design systems or processes and ability to develop innovative solutions in designs.


Ability to work efficiently in disciplinary and multidisciplinary teams, skills for taking the lead in the teams and developing solution approaches under complicate conditions; ability to work independently and take responsibility.


Ability to use a language for verbal and written communication.


Ability to transmit results and processes of studies systematically and definitively to national/international, verbal/written platforms which are inside or outside the relevant field.


To be informed of social, environmental, health, security and law aspects of engineering practices besides project management and business life practices and awareness of constraints caused by them.


Awareness of considering social, scientific and ethical principles during data collection, interpretation, announcement stages besides all vocational activities.