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Chemistry (PhD)


LO 1


Learning to use the knowledges  which have been gained by undergraduate and graduate education  in  the postgraduate areas.



LO 2


To have a research qualification with professional responsibility.




LO 3


Self - developing by  following  and being aware of the importance of innovation and  Chemistry in the development of science and technology.



LO 4



By using individual working abilities, to be capable of sharing studies and opinions in various communication media such as seminars, symposiums, congress or workshops.



LO 5



To be capable of preparing  scientific publications by using their acquired knowledge and experience in undergraduate and graduate study



LO 6



To follow closely the developments of Chemistry in both national and international levels.


LO 7



To design and apply theoretical, experimental and modelling studies and to  examine and solving complex problems encountered in these processes.



LO 8



To be capable of making disciplinary and inter-disciplinary studies.


LO 9



Ability to make literature survey, presentation, designing and performing experiments and interpretation of relevant results.



LO 10



Using  the ability to take initiative by  acting independently.


LO 11



To have a scientific and professional ethics and defend this approach in any medium.