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Mining Engineering (PhD)

LO-1 : Develop skills to exploit the fundamental knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering acquired during B.Sc. degree for specialized level solution of problems in mining and mineral processing.

LO-2 : Ability to develop new and original ideas and methods and innovative solutions in system, part or process designing.

LO-3 : Design and conduct theoretical and experimental studies, and analyse and interpret the data generated from these studies at highly specialized level.

LO-4 : Develop and evaluate mining and minerals engineering processes and projects.

LO-5 : Independently conduct scientific and technical research on a topic at highly specialized level, and present her/his findings through written technical reports and oral presentation.

LO-6 : Utilize modern engineering, computer modelling and simulation tools for development of mining and minerals engineering projects and processes, and solution of highly specialized level engineering problems.

LO-7 : Develop an understanding of global an social impacts of mining and mineral processing solutions, an awareness of the responsibilities for the exploitation of natural resources in most efficient and appropriate ways, and for professional codes of conduct and engineering ethics.

LO-8 : Comprehend the importance of life-long learning for professional development, follow new developments in mining and minerals engineering and effectively exploit information resources.

LO-9 : Work effectively as an individual, in teams and multidisciplinary settings.

LO-10 : Have theoretical and practical knowledge in mining and mineral processing at advanced level.