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Geological Engineering (MSc)


  1. Ability to obtain necessary knowledge deeply through scientific investigation, ability to evaluate, conclude and apply this knowledge in geological engineering.
  2. Having comprehensive knowledge about up-to-date technologies and methods and their limitations in engineering.
  3. Ability to complete and apply the limited or insufficient data through scientific methods and ability to use together the knowledge of different disciplines.
  4. Awareness of new and improving applications in geological engineering and the ability to learn and study on these applications.
  5. Ability to define and formulate the problems related to geological engineering, ability to improve methods to solve these problems and ability to apply innovative methods for solutions.
  6. Ability to develop new and/or original ideas and methods, ability to design complex systems and processes and develop innovative/alternative solutions in the designs.
  7. Ability to design and apply the theoretical, experimental and modeling research activities and ability to discuss and solve the complex problems arisen in these processes.
  8. Ability to study effectively in teams for in-discipline and interdisciplinary activities, ability to lead these teams, ability to develop useful problem-solving approaches in complex situations, and ability to have responsibilities and to study independently and individually in all cases.
  9. Ability of written and oral communication using a foreign language sufficiently.
  10. Ability to present properly, clearly and systematically all processes and results of their studies oral or in written form in all kinds of national and international media.
  11. To have the knowledge of social, environmental, health, safety and legal aspects  in engineering applications and the knowledge of  project management and engineering activities, and awareness of all of their limitations in engineering operations.
  12. Having the social, scientific and ethical responsibilities in all stages of collecting, interpreting and presenting the related data and in all professional activities.
  13. Ability to necessity lifelong learning gaining in an advanced way.