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Field Crops (MSc)

1. General Information

Field Crops Department is located in Ali Numan Kıraç campus of Eskisehir Osmangazi University. Field Crops Department in Institute of Natural and Applied Sciences of Eskisehir Osmangazi University started the educiation in 2004-2005. Field Crops Department represents the large parts of plant production in Turkey. Researches related with breeding, agronomy, tissue culture and biotechnology of cereals and food legumes, industrial crops, meadow-pasture and forage crops, plant ecology, sustainable agriculture, organic farming, seed, biodiversity, conservation of plant genetic resources and other issues along with agronomy and crop sciences have been conducted. At the end of the graduate education, Master Science degree is given.


2. Acquired Degree

Upon successful completion of the program students are awarded a Master Science (M.Sc) degree in Agricultural Engineering.


3. Level of Degree



4. Admission and Registration Requirements

To start the program, the general admission requirements is valid for Turkish and foreign students.

Diploma of Basic Science and the ALES degree being valid for Institute of Natural Science determined by Eskisehir Osmangazi University Senate. Also, knowledge of foreing language levels should be documented in the exam of UDS, KPDS, TOFEL or any exams accepted by The Council of Higher Education.


5. Validation of Former Education

Validation of former education, vertical, horizontal, and within the university transitions is verified according to the related regulations of Turkish Council of Higher Education.

Students having the Basic Science Diploma of Field Crops Department are directly accepted to M.Sc. education. Another undergraduted student will be accpeted after scientific preparation for two semesters.


6. Conditions and Rules of Qualification

Students in the graduate program must register and successfully complete at least seven courses with the condition of not less than 21 credits in total,  plus one seminar course, specialization field course and thesis course . Master's degree study program consists of compulsory and elective courses. The program’s total ECTS is 120.  The seminar and thesis and specialization field courses are non-credit courses and they are evaluated as "successful" or "fail" basis.  Overall average grade must be at least 3.00 out of 4.00. The student must register thesis credits latest from the beginning of the third semester and following semesters. A student in the graduate program with a thesis must report the results obtained according to the rules of the institute and the thesis must be defended orally before a jury. After examination, the jury decides to accept, reject or revise the thesis with absolute majority. 

7. Goal of the Program

Field Crops program aims to enhance and extend the information obtained from the basic program, to train qualified engineers with experience of working area. It is also targeted to meet the expert agricultural engineers needs of private sector and public institution, to determine the agricultural problems throughtout the national and international issues, to conduct the researches using different approaches, use of advanced information and technologies in the researches and to transfer the knowledge obtained from researches to practice.


8. Program Outcomes


Specialization on topics of cultivation, breeding, physiology and genetics of the field crops (Cereals and Legumes, Industrial Crops, Rangeland and Forage Crops) that were thought during undergraduate education.


Giving priority to biodiversity, sustainability and  interaction between cultivation and environment and to create public awareness on these issues


Developing various approaches on agricultural techniques to ensure standardization, quality and productivity of field crops


To determine the national problems related to the branch, to do comparative analysis and to produce solutions to the problems by evaluating the information


Having knowledge on the new techniques and technologies and innovative issues about Field Crops, to be able to create new ideas and ability of lifelong learning


The ability of management and interpret the behavior of the field crops under field  and stress conditions


To be able to conduct and conclude a scientific research, prepare a scientific publication and present the results.


To gain the ability to study in laboratories and in the field related to the branch and evaluates the data by using appropriate statistical method.


The ability of interdisciplinary teamwork and to follow the national and international literature


Taking responsibility being initiative and having creativity skills


Being professional and having ethical responsibility


Using his/her knowledge for the benefit of science and society

9. Employment possibilities of the graduates

Agricultural Engineers who graduated from our department could found a vacancy in the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Husbandry of Turkish Republic, the Ministry of Forest and Water Affairs, public and private banks, The Central Union of Turkish Agricultural Credit Cooperatives, sugar factories, municipalities, private seed companies, factories producing flour, semolina, oil etc., pesticide companies, dealer of seed, fertilizer and pesticide, seller of medicinal herbs. In addition, they can establish their own businesses and production facilities.


10. Continue Graduate Programs

Upon successful completion of bachelor's degree, candidates can study in their own field or related field graduate programs on condition that they have a passing ALES or equivalent examination score and have adequate level of foreign language.


11. Testing, Measurement and Evaluation

Evaluation and assessment methods for each course is defined in detail in "Course Information Form"


12. Graduation Requirements

Graduation requirements is described in the section "Qualification Requirements and Regulations"


13. Type of Study (Full-time, e-learning )



14. Address ve Contact Info (Head of Department, Deputies and Erasmus Coordinator)

Eskişehir Osmangazi University, Agricultural Faculty, Department of Field Crops

Ali Numan KIRAÇ Campus 26160 Eskişehir

Tel +90 222 239 37 50

Fax +90 222 324 29 90   

Assoc.Prof. Mehmet Demir KAYA (Head of Department) Ext: 4850

Assit. Prof. Nihal KAYAN (Vice Chairman) Ext: 4616

Assit. Prof. Süleyman AVCI (Vice Chairman) Ext: 4847

Assit. Prof. Duran KATAR (Erasmus Coordinator) Ext: 4833


15. Department Facilities

Field Crops Department possesses 70 da of Experimental and Practice field at ESOGU Agricultural Faculty. In addition, Oil Analysis, Quality, Seed Science and Technology, cytology laboratory existed. Applied-training should be supplied by using these facilities.


16. Academic Staff

Cereals and Food Legumes

Assoc. Prof. Murat OLGUN


Assist. Prof. Nurdilek GÜLMEZOĞU


Assist. Prof. Nihal KAYAN


Res. Assist. Nazife Gözde AYTER


Industrial Crops

Assoc. Prof. Mehmet Demir KAYA


Assist. Prof. Zehra AYTAÇ


Assist. Prof. Duran KATAR


Res. Assist. Engin Gökhan KULAN



Pasture, Meadow and Forage Crops

Assist. Prof. Süleyman AVCI


Res.Assist. Onur İLERİ