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Biotechnology and Biosafety (MSc)

PO 1

use theoretical and practical knowledge with biotechnology education

PO 2

analyze concepts and ideas related to biotechnology by scientific methods and interpret and find solutions to them.

PO 3

identify problems in health, food, agriculture, environment and industry and gain skills about these problems in the context of sustainable processes.

PO 4

gain skills to work with the interdisciplinary team.

PO 5

gain awareness of working environment safety and quality management

PO 6

discuss about biosafety issues related to biotechnology applications as the owner with detailed information.

PO 7

contribute to manpower in native biotechnology industry.

PO 8

have professional and social ethics

PO 9

gain abilities of following, reading comprehension, writing and interpreting by using advanced scientific developments and information technology related to their fields.

PO 10

gain transferring of knowledge and experience in the field as a written, oral and visual skills.

PO 11

gain testing skill observed knowledge by using information technology.

PO 12

communicate orally and in writing Using a foreign language in the European Language Portfolio

PO 13

contribute to the projects with social responsibility by considering national priorities.

PO 14

develop a positive attitude towards lifelong learning.