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Civil Engineering (MSc)


In civil engineering, ability of reaching out new information with scientific research; ability of evaluation, interpretation and application of the new information  


Comprehensive knowledge of recent applications of technics and procedures in civil engineering


Describing and finding unknown, limited or missing data; ability of using data related to other disciplines


Awareness of new and innovative applications in civil engineering, ability of evaluation and learning them when needed


Ability of describing and formulizing related problems in civil engineering, developing new methods and applying them in order to solve these problems


Ability of developing new and/or original ideas and procedures; designing and planning alternative/innovative methods for complicated systems


Ability of designing and practicing theoretical, empirical and model based research; ability of understanding and solving the complicated problems in the process


To be able to work efficient in and inter disciplinary, lead in these groups and develop solutions and ideas in complicated situations; ability of working individually and taking responsibility


Ability of using at least one foreign language at a sufficient level and communication in verbal and writing


Ability of conveying the processes and the results of a research systematically and clearly in nationwide and international meetings


Knowledge of application of project management and professional career in terms of society, environment, health, safety and law in civil engineering applications and awareness of the limitations of them


Awareness of being ethical in gathering data, interpretation and publishing them in any engineering events