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Faculty of Agriculture



General Information

The Faculty of Agriculture was founded on the basis of the legislation No: 95-7044 that has been adopted by the Council of Ministry of Turkey on April 4th, 1995. The faculty is located in Ali Numan Kıraç Campus on Ziraat Street along the Kütahya highway. Undergraduate education began in 2002-2003 academic year with Plant Production Program, and continued with Agricultural Engineering Program between 2003- 2009 academic years. Thereafter, students directly enrolled to undergraduate programs. Currently, the Faculty consists of ten departments, and 4 of them (Field Crops, Horticulture, Animal Science and Agricultural Biotechnology) conducted undergraduate and graduate education programs but rest 5 departments (Plant Protection, Biosystem Engineering, Food Engineering, Agricultural Economics, Soil Science and Plant Nutrition) have still continued to complete infrastructure studies to involve active education programs. 

Our mission is to contribute to society peace by educating qualified professional staff  equipped with modern professional knowledge and skills, capable of producing, researching and practicing, possessing ethical values ​​and national and international competitive power within the framework of universal values ​​and in line with national needs, in accordance with scientific principles in all fields of agricultural production.

Our vision is to be a pioneering and recognizable faculty at national and international level by contemporary education and training activities, sensitive to environmental and ethical values, nurtured by qualified researches, creating a dynamic academic environment.

Graduates from the faculty can be employed in leading positions in public or private institutions and local governments and private enterprises or can make an academic career.

The faculty has 14 Professors, 7 Associate Professors, 16 Assistant Professors, a total of 38 faculty members, together with the 11 Research Assistants and 1 specialist, a total of 49 instructors are on duty.

Faculty of Agriculture owns 30 hectares experimental area, 2 greenhouses, a poultry research and practice coop and small ruminant practice corral for student applications in Ali Numan Kıraç campus. In addition, the faculty owns a total of 40 hectares experimental area, 1 green house, olive oil processing facility and cold storage room in Sarıcakaya – Mayıslar where prevail warm climatic condition like Mediterranean climate, for student applications. In our campus there are student practice laboratories, information technologies laboratory and a library.




Plant Protection

Biosystem Engineering

Food Engineering

Agricultural Economics

Agricultural Biotechnology

Field Crops

Soil Science and Plant Nutrition

Animal Science