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    Faculty of Education

Vocational School of Health Services

To be an educational and research institution which is preferred in the health industry for the training of health technicians and the production and use of krowledge and skills; besides being in a sustainable leading role for the quality of education nationally and internationally.

Training qualified medical technicions who meet the needs of the age in the health sector, equipped with basic knowledge and skills, working well with team, performing analysis and synthesis and respectful to the patient and human rights.


The school was established in 1990 connected to Anadolu Unıversity Rectorship and itstarted ıts educational activities in Associate Degree in the departments of Radiology,Prosthetics-Orthotics, Medical Laboratory, Audiometry and nursıng. After the establishmentof Osmangazi Unıversity in 1993, it was connected with Osmangazi University Rectorshipwith the Degree Law No.496 dated 18.08.1993 Audiometry Program was closed in 2000 and it has 136 graduates. Nursing program has 187 graduates and it didn’t receive any students after 1995 due to the facf that the nursıng program has 187 graduates and it didn’t receive any students after 1995 due to the fact that the nursıng education was converted into a 4 yeareducation throughout the country that year.

The school continues education with 7 programs after the establishment of Medical Documentation and Secretarial in 1996, Ambulance and Emergency Care Technician in 1997 and Optician in 2000, and Aged Care in 2010.


Academic Staff

Prof. Dr. İlhami ÜNLÜOĞLU

Assist.Prof. Hakan UYSAL



Assist.Prof. İlknur DAĞ  (ARUM)

Assist.Prof. Ayla EKER SARIBOYACI (Kök Hücre)

Assist.Prof. Cengiz BAL

Assist.Prof. Onur UYSAL (Kök Hücre)

Assist.Prof. Gül ARSLAN

Assist.Prof. Sedef Hande AKTAŞ  (ARUM)

Assist.Prof. Yasemin KAVLAK

Assist.Prof. Sibel GÜNEŞ

Assist.Prof. Şadiye ÇAKMAK

Assist. Prof. Malik KAYA

Instructor  Dr. Semih ÖZ

Instructor Dr. Sadi AKSU

Instructor Dr. Hülya KURU MUTLU

Instructor  Hamdi KABA

Instructor  Selda YILDIZ

Instructor  Sinan GÜLENÇER

Instructor  Cansu BOZDOĞAN

InstructorZeynep ÖZDEMİR KÖROĞLU

Instructor Demet KURTBAŞ

Instructor Gamze AY

Instructor Ahmet MUSMUL

Instructor Zeliha ÖZ

Lecturer  Nurcan ANIK

Nurse Özgür TUĞ