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    Faculty of Education

Eskişehir Vocational School

Eskişehir Osmangazi Üniversitesi (ESOGÜ) Eskişehir Vocational School (furthermore defined as VS) is officially founded in 2011. But  it could only start education in 2012-2013 semester.For the construction of  ESOGÜ-ESKİŞEHİR VS building a protocol is signed between Eskişehir Chamber of Industry. Building was completed in seven months and taken by university in 9 January 2012.

Eskişehir Industrial zone is 10 km from city center and it encompasses 542 firms and more than 43000 employees.There are also sports facilities, a fair place, KOSGEB, technology center, logistic center , auto-productor, internet service provider eso-es.net, a business and trade center, CNC education center, and Technical School in the zone.

Transport to VS is only via one bus. Its number is 6. There is a bus stop in front of school. This bus moves in every 30 minutes. There is no transport available other than this bus.

Esogü Building Physical  Properties

Building of VS has in total an area of 3300m2. It is situated on Technology Avenue. Architecture project is seen on Figure 1. Figure 2 shows outer appearence of building. School building has two floors and it is builded in a modular architecture design with ability to improve in size.

In campus of VS there are 8 classrooms each 50 m2, 4 labs each 100 m2,12 rooms for lecturers, 1 principal room, 2 deputy principal rooms and 1 room for high school secretary.

In addition  there is one student affairs room that has  50 m2 , one room for financial affairs that has 40 m2 and one meeting hall of 50 m2 (Table 1).