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Machinery Programme

1. General Information

Machine program, part of a two-year training process, along with industry-based production methods chipless machining and other manufacturing processes, computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD-CAM), maintenance, and repair techniques, measurement and quality control, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, material recognition and inspection (destructive-destructive) is a science about the knowledge and skills to save.

Quickly become a rising force in the manufacturing sector, CNC machines and CAD-CAM programs to occupy an important place in modern manufacturing, due to the "Mechanical Technician" element has been employed in this area, and most sought after. Mechanical Technician in accordance with the theoretical and practical education and training in an enterprise engaged in production and manufacturing engineers responsible for the master / captain / linking workers, technical personnel providing technical communication, direct mesabe medium for a business person. Bench and efficient operation of the workers, the owner is responsible for obtaining the target product quality and standards.

Machine program will be inaugurated in the academic year 2013-2014.


2. Qualification Awarded

After succesfull completion of  the program, students are given associate  degree diplomas in the field of Mechatronics.


3. Level of Qualification

Associate degree


4. Specific Admission Requirements

Graduates of vocational lycees are accepted with a priority without any qualification exam. After that if quota is enough the other lycees’ graduates are accepted with YGS-2 (Higher Education Entrance Exam-2) exam results. 


5. Recognition of Prior Learning

In Turkish Higher Education institutions, recognition of prior learning, vertical, horizontal and in-house transfers take place in the scope of          “UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS AND HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS SWITCH BETWEEN PROGRAMS, DOUBLE MAJOR, MINOR AND MAKING TRANSFER BETWEEN CREDIT INSTITUTIONS BASIS OF REGULATION” which is determined by The Council of Higher Education.


6. Qualification Requirements and Regulations

A student is required to succesfully complete the designated program of courses meeting a minimum of 120 ECTS credit requirement and have a minimum GPA of 2.00 and no FF, DZ or YZ grades. Also there is a 30 days internship requirement.


7. Profile of the Program

Project planned a mechanical engineer to design a system, the computer can do the drawing.

• Track and the team can choose the most suitable material for the process by the method of processing a set of plans and a loom that can handle parts of the economic conditions.

• Prepares and works part programs for CNC machines.

• Dimensional and make angular measurements, tolerance, determination, and make sizing gauge.

Destructive and non-destructive mechanical tests on • Materials can.

•Mechanical systems, hydraulic and pneumatic systems can control.

•Bench and efficient operation of the workers, will be responsible for obtaining the target product quality and standards.

•Undertaking can communicate with staff at different levels, use of written and oral communication techniques.

•Inspection (to study, research), problem definition, be able to report the experimental and theoretical knowledge to practice and problem-solving skills gained through my experience is.

•Work in teams and take on responsibility

•Managing the capability and status evaluation skills.


8. Program Outcomes

•Makes the installation of basic mechanical processes and mechanisms.

•Makes installation and maintenance of hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

•Examines the mechanical structure of the materials and supplies necessary for    the establishment of a system by performing a variety of makes the selection of appropriate materials.

•Parts of the machine makes two-dimensional models, computer-aided drawing.


9. Occupational Profiles of Graduates

This section serves graduates of high-tech computer-integrated manufacturing systems in public and private sector companies, research centers that develop and use advanced automation products, and finding a job as a technician working facilities. Likely to increase in the future, you need people who specialize in this area. As well as across the country and around Eskisehir machine technician is needed.


10. Access to Further Studies

DGS students to graduate from the machine (Vertical Jump Test) on the fields by switching to a vertical four-year colleges to continue their education at the bachelor's degree it is possible to get.

Students who successfully complete the machine Program;

• Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

• Marine Engineering

• Ship and Ocean Engineering

• Manufacturing Engineering

• Mechanical Engineering

• Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

• Materials Science and Engineering

• Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

• Automotive Engineering

• Agricultural Machinery

vertical segments can make the transition.


11. Examination Regulations, Assessment and Grading

For each course, the method of assesment and grading is defined in “Course Information Form” in details.


12. Graduation Requirements

To graduate student must pass all the lessons in the program and he must not have FF, DZ, YZ  notes. In this program student must have 120 ECTS and he must have a minimum GPA of 2,00 from available 4,00. In addition there is a compulsory internship of 30 days in this programme. Student must pass a graduation work at the fourth semester.


13. Mode of Study(Full- Time, Part-Time, E-Learning)



14. Adress and Contact Details

EOSB Antrepo Street, Technology Boulevard, No: 1, Eskisehir

Tel:0222 236 14 15 (4 lines)

Programme director:  Lecturer: Gökçe ÖZDEN


15. Program Facilities

There are three lectures employeed in mechatronics program. Mechatronics laboratory has been setup. Program has two classrooms. These classrooms have an area of 50 m2 . Mechatronics laboratory has 100 m2 area. The following education sets are present in laboratory.


16. Academic Staff

Lecturer.  Gökçe ÖZDEN

Lecturer. Halil Yalçın AKDENİZ

Lecturer. Serkan LEBLEBİCİ