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Envıronmental Protection And Control Program

1. General Information

Everday, environmental pollution and control are getting  importance; because, they are one of the biggest problem for human health and environmental balance in our country and in the world.  Global warming, global climate change, decrease in greenhouse gases, ozone layer thinning, deforestation, sea and inner water pollution, waste  material  (garbage, industrial wastes, toxic wastes), soil pollution, deteriotion of forest ecosystem, wetland ecosystem destroying and diminishing of biological diversity are some of the environmental problems.

The main objective of the Environmental Protection and Control Programme is to educate the intermediate personels who can work on the solution of above problems. They are aware of the treatment of wastes which are generated by air, water and soil pollution. Environmental Protection and Control Programme is established in 2011.


2. Qualification Awarded

Students, who succesfully completed the programme, receive associate diploma in environment.


3. Level of Qualification

Associate degree


4. Specific Admission Requirements

Students are accepted to the programme with YGS-2 (Higher Education Entrance Exam-2) scores. Foreigner students  are accepted. Students who are gradute of vocational school are accepted without exam.


5. Recognition of Prior Learning

In Turkish Higher Education institutions, recognition of prior learning, vertical, horizontal and in-house transfers take place in the scope of “UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS AND HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS SWITCH BETWEEN PROGRAMS, DOUBLE MAJOR, MINOR AND MAKING TRANSFER BETWEEN CREDIT INSTITUTIONS BASIS OF REGULATION” which is determined by The Council of Higher Education.


6. Qualification Requirements and Regulations

In order to be graduate, students should not get FF, DZ or YZ scores. In this programme students should get minimum 120 ECTS  credits and grade point average (GPA) should be at least 2.00 out of 4.00. In addition, students should complete 30 working days of practical traning in industry.


7. Profile of the Program

One of the strategic aims of the program is life long learning and technical/practical education. This program creates awereness about technical educationin in the society, educates qualified intermediate members for environment sector and prepares graduates for employment.


8. Program Outcomes

Students who sucessfully completed the programme; learn about:

  1. Sustainable Environment Managment System operation,
  2. Measurement of environment pollution, sampling, sample protection and saving,
  3. Performing analyses, reporting test results,
  4. Conservation of natural environment and pollution reduction,
  5. Waste recycling, refinement and desarjing,
  6. Gaining technical knowledge about reduction of industrial pollution,
  7. Refinement of industrial and municipal air pollution techniques,
  8. Industrial and urban water supply, water transportaion, water distribution and water refinement techniques.


9. Occupational Profiles of the Graduates

Environment Technician can find work at the following places;

  1. Environment and City Planning Ministry,
  2. Turism and Culture Ministry,
  3. Health Ministry,
  4. Energy and Natural Resources Ministy,
  5. Agriculture and Village Affairs Ministry,
  6. Municipalities,
  7. Mineral Exploration Institude (MTA),
  8. Cities Bank,
  9. Provincil Environment and City Planning Directorate
  10. Environment and Public Health Laboratories,
  11. Waste Water Treatment Facility
  12. Drinking/Potable Water Treatment Facility,
  13. Private Environmental Analyses Laboratories,
  14. Environmental Impact Assesment (ÇED) determining Firms,
  15. Infrastructure Project Companies,
  16. Environmental Pollution Analysis Equipment Marketing Firms,
  17. Waste/Waste Water generating Firms,


10. Access to Further Studies

Environment Technician can pass to the Bachelor degree programme’s based on Vertical Transition Exam (DGS) and graduation GPA score. Chemical Engineering, Biology, Biochemistry and Chemistry can accept environment programme graduates.


11. Examination Regulations, Assessment and Grading

Course Information Form gives the necessary measurement and evaluation information about the courses. ESOGU’s general rules applied for this programme. Article 17 is used in the exam evaluation.


12. Graduation Requirements

In order to be graduate, students should succesfully complete all required courses without any FF, DZ and YZ scores. In this programme students should get minimum 120 AKTS  cretids and grade point average (GPA) should be at least 2.00 out of 4.00. A graduation Project should be completed at the 4th semestre. In addition, students should complete 30 working days of practical traning in the industries.


13. Mode of Study (Full- Time, Part-Time, E-Learning)



14. Adress and Contact Details (Program Director and Erasmus Coordinator)

 EOSB Antrepo Street, Technology Boulevard, No: 1, Eskisehir

 Tel:0222 236 14 15 (4 lines)

      Program director: Lect. Burcu Sezgin

Erasmus coordinator: Lect. Işıl Yazar


15. Program Facilities

There are two 50 m classrooms and two 100 m laboratories for the programme. Projectors, computers and smart boards are used in the classes.


16. Academic Staff

Prof.Dr. Muammer Kaya

Lecturer. Esengül Köse

Lecturer. Burcu Sezgin

Lecturer. Naile Karakehya

Lecturer. Eda Karabulut