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Mechatronics Programme

1. General Information

Mechatronics is a science that has emerged in recent years that combines machinery, control and computer/software technologies to be implemented in a synergetic way. It is also combined with engineering systems design and technologic goods’ manufacturing, their design and their set up.

All the machines, appliances and systems that are composed of mechanics and electronic components, that take data with the help of sensors from environment, that process data with help of microprocessors and software in memory, that do work with its actuators are mechatronical systems. Mechatronic design philosophy is used especially high tech intelligent machinary and systems. The notable application areas of mechatronics are:

  • Computer  aided machine tools (NC, CNC, AC)
  • System Integration,
  • Automotive  Industry (ABS systems),
  • Micro Systems (MEMS),
  • Robots (flying/micro/travelling),
  • Industrial Automation (Barcode systems, manufacturing band tools),
  • Computer Aided Design, Modelling and Production (CAD, CAM) ,
  • Intelligent Control Systems (pressure, temperature, weight, noise, vibration and etc )
  • Industrial Robot Arms (welding and carrying)

Mechatronics programme has been founded in 2011.


2. Qualification Awarded

After succesfull completion of  the program, students are given associate  degree diplomas in the field of Mechatronics.


3. Level of Qualification

Associate degree


4. Specific Admission Requirements

Graduates of vocational lycees are accepted with a priority without any qualification exam. After that if quota is enough the other lycees’ graduates are accepted with YGS-2 (Higher Education Entrance Exam-2) exam results. 


5. Recognition of Prior Learning

In Turkish Higher Education institutions, recognition of prior learning, vertical, horizontal and in-house transfers take place in the scope of  “UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS AND HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS SWITCH BETWEEN PROGRAMS, DOUBLE MAJOR, MINOR AND MAKING TRANSFER BETWEEN CREDIT INSTITUTIONS BASIS OF REGULATION” which is determined by The Council of Higher Education.


6. Qualification Requirements and Regulations

A student is required to succesfully complete the designated program of courses meeting a minimum of 120 ECTS credit requirement and have a minimum GPA of 2.00 and no FF, DZ or YZ grades. Also there is a 30 days internship requirement.


7. Profile of the Program

Mechatronic product is characteristically different from traditional machinery and electronical products. Its design requires additional method and strategy. Parallel to fast progress in this field, employment gap, the need for trained staff is constantly increasing. So this programs’s aim is to train persons who have aforementioned qualifications who are knowledgeable about the use, maintenance and repair of mechanical, hidrolical, pnomatical, electrical and electronical based and computer controlled appliances.


8. Program Outcomes

Student is expected to perform the following tasks:

  • Basic mechanical processes and installing mechanisms.
  • Installation and maintenance of hydraulic and pneumatic systems.
  • Examines the structure of the materials necessary to establish a mechatronics system by performing various operations on the selection of appropriate materials
  • Makes 2-dimensional drawings of models of parts of a machine.
  • Design, installation, and maintanence of electrical control circuits.
  • Installation of electric and electronic circuits and necessary measurements on these.
  • Occupational Profiles of Graduates

Graduates of this program has the opportunity to get employed in private sector firms that use computer in their manufacturing process as a technician. It is thought that  in future the need for qualified personel will increase. The need for mechatronics technician is demanding  in Eskişehir and in Turkey.


9.  Access to Further Studies

Students who complete Mechatronics programme succesfully, according to  vertical transfer exam guide, can pass to Electric Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Electric-Electronic Engineering, Electronic and  Communications Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Machinary Engineering, Mekatronik Engineering, Computer and Control Teacher, Electric Teacher, Electronic Teacher, Electronic and Computer Teacher, Electronic and Communication Teacher, Industrial Technology Teacher, Mechatronics Teacher, Design and Construction Teacher, Space Engineering undergraduate programs.


10. Examination Regulations, Assessment and Grading

For each course, the method of assesment and grading is defined in “Course Information Form” in details.


11. Graduation Requirements

To graduate student must pass all the lessons in the program and he must not have FF, DZ, YZ  notes. In this program student must have 120 ECTS and he must have a minimum GPA of 2,00 from available 4,00. In addition there is a compulsory internship of 30 days in this programme. Student must pass a graduation work at the fourth semester.


12. Mode of Study(Full- Time, Part-Time, E-Learning)



13. Adress and Contact Details (Program Director and Erasmus Coordinator)

 EOSB Antrepo Street, Technology Boulevard, No: 1, Eskisehir

 Tel:0222 236 14 15 (4 lines)

Program  director and Erasmus coordinator: Lect. Işıl Yazar.


14. Program Facilities

There are three lectures employeed in mechatronics program. Mechatronics laboratory has been setup. Program has two classrooms. These classrooms have an area of 50 m2. Mechatronics laboratory has 100 m2 area. The following education sets are present in laboratory.

Intellectual Home Systems Education Set

Grounding in Buildings and Harmonics Education Set

Industrial Electronics Education Set

Electrohydraulic Education Set

Electropneumatic Education Set

Process Station  Education Set

Asynchronous Motor Soft Stater (Profibus )

Festo PLC Education Set

Siemens S7 1200 Education Set

Servomotor Education Set

Also in one class there is a projector and a smart board.


15. Academic Staff

Lecturer.  Aslı LEBLEBİCİ

Lecturer.  Işıl YAZAR