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Faculty/College of Art and Design

About the Faculty

Art and Design Faculty was established in 2009. It consists of three sections, namely; Visual Arts, Visual Communication Design and Industrial Products Design. Education was started at Visual Communication Design Department during the academic year 2013-2014 and at Visual Arts Department in 2014-15. Our faculty is in possession of a versatile and competent academic staff in order to maintain a contemporary education in the sections where students are admitted. The aim of our faculty is to reflect the dynamic, peaceful and embracing power of art and design with projects which make a contribution to art and design fields of the city where it is located along with presenting independent and creative expression possibilities to its students. As a result of the multidisciplinary education they get, our graduates may work in various branches related with their fields as well as in teaching in case they get formation.
The vision of our faculty is to be an educational sphere which follows, applies and supports the present and future trends with new ideas in different areas of art and design, which pioneers the expansion of art and design awareness with unique project, production and researches realized by its young and dynamic educational staff and students. This is actualized in accordance with the possibilities of the epoch and we strive to be a faculty which presents innovative productions and embrace diversities with interdisciplinary approaches.
The mission of our faculty is to educate productive and leading professionals responsive to national values with a high sense of responsibility who are in possession of analytical and critical thinking abilities, who can shape art and design practices with creativity and interdisciplinary approaches, who support and enhance scientific researches, who can adapt current technologies to their own field, who have a developed social responsibility and maintenance awareness with a high self-confidence, desire to learn, independent, innovative, attentive and who support  society and environment with art, design and science.
Our faculty is located at Bademlik campus. Essential opportunities are provided for our graduates to become qualified artists and designers who are aware of creative, innovative, local and universal values, can use technology, are sensitive to the environment, can update themselves at a national and international levels.


Prof. Düriye Kozlu İsmailoğlu (Dean)
Prof. Dr. Şirin Şengel (Vice Dean)
Assist. Prof. Hatice S. Kesdi (Vice Dean)

​Contact Information

Prof. Düriye Kozlu İsmailoğlu (Dean)

Eskişehir Osmangazi Üniversitesi

Sanat ve Tasarım Fakültesi

Bademlik Kampüsü

26030 Odunpazarı Eskişehir TURKEY

Phone: +90 (222) 221 00 40 (Dış Hat)

           +90 (222) 230 39 72 Santral

           Interphone: 4340-4345

Fax:    +90 (222) 221 00 96

E-mail: sanattasarim@ogu.edu.tr

Web: stf.ogu.edu.tr