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Faculty of Tourism

Eskişehir Osmangazi University, School of Tourism and Hotel Management was established by the decision of the Council of Ministers (no. 2006/10134) which was published in the Official Newspaper (No. 26123) dated 29 March 2006 and began it’s academic education in 2007-2008. In 2013, it was transformed into the Faculty of Tourism.

In our faculty there are 3 departments;

-Department of Tourism Management
-Travel Management and Tourism Guidance Department (No students yet)
-Department of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts (No students yet)

As a Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management, we started teaching education in 2007-2008 by accepting 30 students to Tourism and Hotel Management Department. 
The name of our department "Tourism and Hotel Management" has been changed to "Tourism Management" as of June 18, 2014 with the approval of the University Senate and the approval of YÖK (Council of Higher Education). 
In the Department of Tourism Management, general management and general tourism courses are given theoretically and practically to meet the needs of our students in the tourism sector during the course of education. Depending on the protocol between our faculty and the accommodation, travel and catering establishments operating in Eskişehir, our students complete their classes by working in these tourism establishments. In this sense, our students learn theoretical lessons practically and have the opportunity to get to know the tourism sector better and to be able to specialize in the field of tourism. Basic computer applications in applied courses, package programs commonly used in tourism businesses such as Electra, Synthesis, Opera, Amadeus are also taught.
For our students who want to specialize in specific areas of tourism, there are elective courses, intensive English language courses and elective Russian, German and Arabic courses. In addition, our students have the right to study at universities in Turkey within the scope of the Farabi program, and also they have chance to study at universities in various countries under the Erasmus and Mevlana programs at certain time periods.  The list of National and International Universities that our faculty is in agreement with can be seen from the International Relations Office webpage: http://iro.ogu.edu.tr/


We have 90 days internship practice in our faculty and our students who have gained sector experience thankst to these practices are getting ready for their careers in the tourism sector. Our graduates have the qualifications to be mid and top level managers in the tourism sector. In addition, they have the opportunity and ability to make careers in different sectors. Our graduates who want to pursue a career in academy also have the opportunity to make an academic career in the field of tourism. Eskişehir Osmangazi University has graduate and doctoral programs in the field of Social Sciences Institute carried out by the Department of Tourism Management. Students who graduate from our faculty are able to continue these graduate and doctoral programs if they meet the conditions.