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    Faculty of Education

Mahmudiye Vocational School

Our application facility, which was put into service in 2010, involves 500 m2 indoor horse care and training building, one lunge area with diameter of 30 m, 1 paddock area with dimensions of 40 m x 30m and 1 specially designed (40 x 20 m) horse training area equipped for horse riding training, all within an area of 82,800 square meters. Three thoroughbred English race horses and 3 trainer horses with Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands origins and 1 Pony are found in the facility.

The Block A of the vocational college involves two classrooms, one horse anatomy and physiology laboratory, one computer laboratory, multi-purpose conference hall, cafeteria and administrative offices.

Our vocational college is commissioned upon proposal of our rector office at the Meeting of Council of Higher Education dated 13/04/2007 pursuant to the Article 7/d-2 of the Law No. 2547, which is amended by the Law No. 2880. The Vocational College offers services at two Service Buildings with 1700 m2 indoor area, which are located at the county town and are assigned completely to the school, and in Horse Care and Application Building which is comprised of 500 m2 indoor horse care facility within an area of 82,800 square meters.

The Vocational College offers Horse Breeding and Trainer program. Education period is two years. Quota includes 30 students. One quota is reserved to the top-scoring student of any high school.