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Master’s Degree Program in Elementary Mathematics Education

1.      Guideline

Elementary mathematics education master program began to student admission firstly in 2004/2005 academic year within Institute of Science. Following foundation of Institution of Educational Sciences, the master program was incorporated into under specific department of Institute of Educational Sciences. In addition to compulsory courses related to basic educational sciences, elective courses specific to mathematics education are also included in the program. Main purpose of the program is to educate elementary mathematics teachers who are equipped with effective knowledge, manage to follow developments of the domain and do research individually. 


2.      Degree Acquired

The students who accomplish the program deserve to receive diploma of elementary mathematics education master program.


3.      Level of degree

Master of Science degree.


4.      Admission Requirements

The general admission requirements are required for Turkish and foreign students to start the program.


5.      Validation of Prior Learning

In Turkish Higher Education institutions, validation of prior formal learning, vertical, horizontal, and the university is determined by the Board of Higher Education. This is implemented by the regulations of "INSTITUTIONS OF HIGHER EDUCATION PROGRAMS UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS AND SWITCHING, DOUBLE MAJOR, MINOR AND CREDIT TRANSFER BETWEEN CORPORATE ACTION ON BASIS OF REGULATION".

Turkey certificate-based or experience-based learning outside of formal educational institutions in recognition for some of the computer and foreign language courses at the beginning of each academic semester exams of exemption are organized. Students who take the exam and pass the courses in the curriculum are exempt from the relevant.


6.      Conditions and Rules for Sufficiency

Students have to complete all lessons of the program without FF, DZ or YZ final grade. Also, they have to complete minimum 27 credits and have transcripts that is minimum 3.00 on a 4.00 point scale.


7.      Program Profile

The aim of the program is training elementary mathematics teachers who have the following characteristics;

  • Having active knowledge of elementary mathematics education and using technology professionally,
  • Having highest level of problem solving and reasoning skills,
  • Examining the process of students’ mathematical knowledge creation and intellectual closely, planning an advanced level of course content and designing instructional materials,
  • Being informed about current issues in elementary mathematics education and reviewing the literature to carry out independent researches,
  • Identifying the research problem, choosing an appropriate research model, being capable of to process the data acquired in the process of scientific research, performing statistical analysis and making interpretation,
  • Researching on a subject or project as a group.


8.      Program Outcomes

  1. Have high level field knowledge of mathematics education.
  2. Know and apply contemporary teaching methods and techniques and the methods of measurement and evaluation about teaching profession.
  3. Have the ability to use information and communication technologies for teaching mathematical concepts effectively.
  4. Know developmental characteristics and learning styles of related students. Do effective planning, material development and applications which comply with these specifications.
  5. Have the scientific and analytical thinking skills and know scientific research methods and techniques at the level of independent researching and make use of them.
  6. Follow national and international levels of development and changes in mathematics education.
  7. Have knowledge of general culture at the level of carrying out interdisciplinary studies and associating their studies with different disciplines.
  8. Have the skills to improve and apply original activities and teaching materials for students on issues related to mathematics education.


9.      Job Facilities for Graduates

The graduates of Elementary School Mathematics Education MSc. program can find a job as a teacher in various official and special corporations, as a research assistant or instructor in state and special universities.


10.      Post-Graduate Transitions

Candidates who complete the master program accomplishedly can become a doctorate student if they have an ALES (Academic Staff and Graduate Education Test) degree and foreign language qualification exam score.


11.      Exams, Measurement and Evaluation

Evaluation and assessment methods for each course are defined in "Course Information Form" in detail.


12.      Graduation Requirements 

Graduation requirements “Qualification Requirements and Regulations” as described in the section.  


13.      Mode of Study (Full-Time, E-Learning)



14.      Contact Information

Mathematics Education : Prof. Dr. Kürşat YENİLMEZ

E-mail: matfen@tm.ogu.edu.tr

Phone Number: +90 222 239 3750-6772


15.      Academic Staff

Click on for Academic Staff