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Department of Economics

1- General Information

Domain of economics research to provide needs of humans  efficient use of all resources, natural,financial and sources of labor force to promote the level of welfare of the society by increasing and distribution of all goods and services produced on the basis of all of these activities and on national and international level relate to economis issues. To students on department of Economics,which is one of the places application field of economics, other than professional fields such as theory , policy, history of economics, economic development and international economics, statistics, econometrics ; various business administration, mathematics, finance and tax issues are thaught.

Master programme of economics  aim that economists which have sufficient knowledge on related fields of theoretical and applied of economics , able to monitor the economic and social developments in the our country and around the world, can be found the predictions by interpreting sector and country data and needed for society and the business world train and to lead the scientific activities expanded research horizons of the science of economics.

In master programme of economics,students are trained who can control necessary tools, concepts, principles, and methods  for understanding of economics and analysis of economic events; have analytical thinking, scientific inquiry and , problem solving;  are self-confidence, have strong  ability to Express and as individuals have gained discipline of working;  and furthermore in this programme are aimed to provide to find their place easily in a variety of targeted employment areas by coming forward with these qualities in the labor market that is today change into the global of competition. With this aim, business administration, statistics, mathematics, econometrics, finance, law, sociology, as well as the lessons are given in the scientific fields in course content covers all aspects of economics.


2- Degree Earned

Master’s Degree in Economics  is given to students who succesfully complete the program. Graduates deparment of economics is the title of Master of  Science in Economics.


3- Level of Qualification

Master’s Degree


4- Admission Requirements

All faculty and a four-year college graduates can apply for Master’s Degree Programme in Economics. For graduates of the Faculty of  Economics and Administrative Sciences and other faculties 20,  fr other faculties and colleges 10 quota allocated.Graduates from differentfaculties students who did not receive an adequate level course in economics are subject to 2 semesters academic preparation program.

In addition, candidates,

-Equal Weight ALES score at least 55

-KPDS or UDS score must be at least 40.

The graduate program to create application score ALES 50 %, 25% of UDS or KPDS and 25% average degree is taken into account.


5- Recognition of Prior Learning

Recognition of prior non-formal learning in the Turkish higher education institutions vertical, horizontal and transitions within the university is determined by the Board of Higher Education is made under “SWITCHING BETWEEN SHORT AND UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAMS OF HIGHER EDUCATİON INSTITUTIONS, DOUBLE MAJOR, MINOR AND CREDIT TRANSFER BETWEEN CORPORATE ACTION ON BASIS OF REGULATION”.


6- Program Profile (Objectives)

Master's Degree Program Objectives;

·       In our department providing a better level of scientific and research activities that the primary tasks of universities.

·       Addressing the needs of people who desire to specialize in areas of Economics,

·       Training academic staff needed with the growth of the department and other related departments of universities,

·       Transferring the experience gained in graduate study in the department to doctoral program,

Performing these purposes, scientific and technological developments in the world and in our country, the basic economic problems in the country and the world agenda is closely monitored by the department members. To reflect these developments to students, the department members opening new courses in their areas of expertise and identifying thesis, seminar and project topics.

The structure of academic staff has a qualification in made ??necessary changes in matter of curriculum and research correspondingly changing country and world conditions and recent trends and developments in our field.


7- Program Competencies (Learning Outcomes)

1) Define the problems faced with an analytical approach and taking decisions to solve the problems and implementing the solutions.

2) Follow the technological developments in the field to improve herself/himself continuously, use computer and information technology,

3) Inclined to team work, have the ability to communicate effectively in professional and social aspects.


8- Employment Opportunities for Graduates

There are currently 83 students enrolled in our department. In addition, one of the students who graduated from Department of Economics employed in the department as a research assistant, while others are employed in different departments of various private and public sector organizations, particularly banks.

Graduates can be employed in institutions and organizations from all sectors in economic activities, also work as an expert in state economic planning and execution institution. While employment opportunities were quite spacious, there is a chance to careers in banking, domestic and foreign trade, auditing, fields. In addition, facilities are also available to make an academic career in the field of economics.


9-Transition to High Level Programs

Candidates who completed master's degree successfully on condition that  taking the ALES score, or equivalent examinations and having adequate level of foreign language knowledge.


10- Testing, Measurement and Evaluation                                           

Department of Economics Master's Degree program consist of a total of 9 courses, aseminar course and a lecture on specialized field to take during the thesis work. The seminar course, lecture on specialized field and thesis work are non-credit courses, students evaluate as successful or unsuccessful. To obtain a master's degree students are required to have a total of 27 credits, and complete seminars, lecture on specialized fieldand a thesis work successfully.

An evaluation and assessment method for each course is defined in "Course Information Form" in detail.


11- Graduation Requirements

Graduation requirements "Qualification Requirements and Regulations" as described in the section.


12- Mode of Study (Full-Time, E-Learning)



13- Address and Contact Information (Chapter / Program Director, Assistant and Erasmus Coordinator)


Osmangazi University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Department of Economics, Batı-Meselik 26480 Eskisehir

Telephone Number: 222 239 37 50/1756

Prof. Dr. Ozcan DAGDEMİR (Head of Department)  Extension: 1150

Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Kemal BESER (Deputy Head of Department and Erasmus Coordinator) Extension: 1135

Asst. Assoc. Dr. Hakan ACAROGLU (Deputy Head of Department and Bologna Coordinator) Extension:  1150


14- Department / Program Opportunities

Department of Economics, 4 Professor, 2 Associate Professors, 6 Assistant Professor, including six research assistants, a total of 18 staff are working.


15- Academic Staff

General Economic Policy Department

Prof.Dr. Özcan DAĞDEMİR

Prof.Dr. Selami SEZGİN

Prof.Dr. Sami TABAN 

Prof. Dr. Abdullah Mesud KÜÇÜKKALAY


Doç .Dr. Zeki KARTAL

Doç.Dr. Füsun YENİLMEZ

Yrd Doç.Dr. Mustafa Kemal BEŞER

Yrd.Doç.Dr. Hüseyin Naci BAYRAÇ

Yrd Doç.Dr. Hakan ACAROĞLU

Yrd Doç.Dr. Mehmet ŞENGÜR

Yrd Doç.Dr.  Esin KILIÇ

Yrd.Doç.Dr. Oytun MEÇİK

Yrd. Doç.Dr. Şennur SEZGİN


Arş.Gör. Taner SEKMEN

Arş.Gör. Seher Gülşah TOPUZ

Arş.Gör. Seyfullah YÜRÜK

Arş.Gör. Ömer Faruk GÜNAL

Arş. Gör. Yılmaz KÖPRÜCÜ

Arş. Gör. Derviş Tuğrul KOYUNCU