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Accounting and Tax Department

1. General Information

In the program, the public institutions and the private sector for the efficient execution of the service and production activities, trained manpower in the field of accounting. The purpose of the program, the theoretical and practical knowledge, careful accounting to train regularly. Graduates may work in the private sector or the public and may their accounting offices.


2. Qualification

Students who successfully complete the program associate's degree in Accounting and Taxation.


3. Level of Qualification

Short Cycle Degree


4. Admission and Enrollment Terms

General admission and enrollment terms are eligible for Turkish and foreign students.


5. Recognition of Former Education

Formal recognition of prior learning Turkish higher education institutions, vertical, horizontal, and is determined by the Board of Higher Education within the university transitions "UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAMS OF HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS AND SWITCHING BETWEEN SHORT, DOUBLE MAJOR, MINOR AND CORPORATIONS REGULATIONS ON THE BASIS OF ACTION BETWEEN THE TRANSFER OF CREDIT" carried out within the scope of.

Students who enroll in the program for a new, foreign language proficiency exam is held at the beginning of the academic record. Students who are exempt from the related course and pass the exam.


6. Competency Requirements and Terms

To graduate with a degree in pre-graduate student in the program must be passed all the courses, FF, DZ or NZ should not grade. Have a GPA of at least 2.00 out of 4.00 and 30 working days required to achieve internship.


7. Objectives of the Program

Accounting, all businesses that contribute to the fulfillment of the legal and social responsibilities, information statements and reports, producing a variety of exciting information system. Changes in our globalizing world legal and economic arrangements effect the accounting information system. These developments have changed the basic functions of accounting. As a result of this change in accounting developments and the need for professional accountants was born. In this context, vocational high schools in the country was opened to the drop-down accounting programs to meet these needs. Aim of the program is to train staff intermediates to meet the needs of contemporary business.


8. Program Competencies (Learning Outcomes)

The following are the learning outcomes of the accounting program:

Graduating accounting students will be able to use financial statements to make decisions.

Graduating accounting students will be able to help managers make decisions using internal and external information.

Graduating accounting students will be able to evaluate accounting systems.

Graduating accounting students will be able to file tax returns for individuals and businesses.

Graduating accounting students will be able to communicate verbally and in writing.


9. Careers

Accounting and tax treatment program graduates, fields, private sector and the public sector have sufficient employment opportunities.


10. Further Study

Upon successful completion of pre-licensing education and by OSYM Specific placement of candidates to obtain valid points that DGS exams, provided Degree

programs can study in their field or a related field.


11. Examination Regulations, Assesment and Grading

Assessment and evaluation for each course "Course Information Form" is described in detail in.


12. Graduation Requirements

Graduation requirements "Qualification Requirements and Regulations" as described in the section.


13. Manner of Study

Fulltime study program.


14. Address and Contact Details (Head of Department/Program and Deputies

Eskisehir Osmangazi University Sivrihisar Vocational High School

Yenice Mah.  Eskişehir Street No:140 26600 Sivrihisar/Eskisehir

Tel: 222 712 5305 - 222 712 712 53 06

Assoc.Prof. Dr. Nevzat KIRAC (Director) Ext: 4911

Ass. Prof. Dr. Osman AYTEKIN (Vice Director ) Ext: 4912

Lec.Dr.  Hakan OZBASARAN (Erasmus Instructor)  Ext: 4936


15. Department/ Program Facilities

Occupation vocational school, 8 lecturers and administrative staff has been working 6.

Our school. a total area of 2,284 m2, 15 offices, 12 classrooms are equipped with a 5-class hard Data Show Show also 1 is the possibility of mobile data.

Vocational school, with an area of 2474 m2 Machinery, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology Laboratory with an area of 68.44 m2 423.34 m2 with a total of Computer Programming lab are available. 150 m2 cafeteria, dining hall with a capacity of 140 people, 567 m2 to 1500 m2 indoor astroturf outdoor sports facilities are available.


16. Academic Staff



Lect. Esra SERTEL