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Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology Department

1. General Information

The Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Technology program provides a 50-50 balance of theory and hands-on application. This includes a solid foundation of the principles of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration, combined with extensive hands-on instruction. The main focus of the program is residential and light commercial heating, ventilation and air conditioning, along with food preservation refrigeration. Students will learn basic electricity for heating, air conditioning and refrigeration; tubing operations such as soldering, brazing, bending and flaring; sheet metal fabrication, design and installation; installation, service and troubleshooting for plumbing, heating and air conditioning, heat pumps and refrigeration, load calculations, mechanical code, uniform plumbing code and job safety. Students in the lab will learn to install, perform performance verifications, systematically troubleshoot, repair and maintain electrical and mechanical HVAC/R systems and components.


2. Qualification Awarded

After successful completion of the program, students are associate's degree in the field.


3. Level of Qualification

Short Cycle Degree


4. Admission and Enrollment Terms

General admission requirements for Turkish and foreign students are acceptable to begin the program.


5. Recognition of Former Education

Formal recognition of prior learning Turkish higher education institutions, vertical, horizontal, and is determined by the Board of Higher Education within the university transitions "UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAMS OF HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS AND SWITCHING BETWEEN SHORT, DOUBLE MAJOR, MINOR AND CORPORATIONS REGULATIONS ON THE BASIS OF ACTION BETWEEN THE TRANSFER OF CREDIT" carried out within the scope of .

Students who enroll in the program for a new, foreign language proficiency exam is held at the beginning of the academic record. Students who are exempt from the related course and pass the exam.


6. Competency Requirements and Terms

Undergraduate student to graduate with a degree, all courses must be passed in the program of 120 ECTS credit, FF, DZ or NZ should not grade. Have a GPA of at least 2.00 out of 4.00 and 30 working days required to achieve internship.


7. Objectives of the Program

Air conditioning and refrigeration systems in accordance with standards established projects and / bender, service and maintenance that / who, cost, and business planning and the profession capable of controlling the flow of business, understand the ethical responsibility, able to follow developments in the profession of lifelong learning is to train qualified personnel have the ability to .


8. Program Competencies (Learning Outcomes)

• Understand the basic concepts of air conditioning and refrigeration, the functions of these systems to recognize and explain the main and auxiliary elements,

• Identify instruments and appliances used in air conditioning and refrigeration applications and systems within the framework of the rules of safety, installation manual skills needed to win (welding, pipe cutting, bending, chamfering and so on. Operations). Work accidents, first responders need to have knowledge of first aid.

• Air-conditioning and cooling systems, to read about the projects, as well as computer-aided design as well as to draw by hand.

• Air-conditioning and cooling systems, electrical control and automatic control components and circuits used to recognize and make connections.

• Air conditioning, refrigeration and heating system will be based on the selection of the heat loads and to calculate the capacity of the device, and select the device of suitable capacity.

• Ventilation and duct system sizing and installation for air-conditioning systems to channel

• Air-conditioning and refrigeration systems (domestic and commercial refrigerators, cold stores, individual and central air conditioning systems, and so on.) To assemble, and to repair and preventive maintenance related to diagnose malfunctions.

• scientific research on topics related to the profession of preparing, presenting and capacity to win the event,

• Professional and ethical responsibility to understand and work in a team consisting of various disciplines and / or be able leadership

• Written and oral communication, use of Turkish language, to follow international developments related to the profession and to have knowledge of foreign language in order to communicate

• Life-long learning and the ability to watch and learn contemporary and current issues.


9. Careers

Air conditioning, refrigeration and air conditioning in public areas and serving / area are employed in the production of all private and public sector organizations. Arcelik refrigerator factory, İklimsa, air conditioning and refrigeration services, companies engaged in manufacturing and installation of cold storage and cold storages, manufacturing firms engaged in commercial refrigeration, air conditioning duct in companies engaged in the manufacturing and installation of air-conditioning and ventilation project design offices, factories, shopping malls, business centers , hotels and so on. can be employed to do.


10. Further Study

Associate's degree candidates who have successfully completed training, DGS (Vertical Jump Test) exam if they are successful, the Installation of Mechanical Engineering and Energy departments can continue teaching.


11. Examination Regulations, Assesment and Grading

For each course, the method of assessment and grading is defined in “Course Information Form” in details.


12. Graduation Requirements

Undergraduate student to graduate with a degree, all courses must be passed in the program of 120 ECTS credit, FF, DZ or NZ should not grade. Have a GPA of at least 2.00 out of 4.00 and 30 working days required to achieve internship.


13. Manner of Study

Fulltime study program.


14. Address and Contact Details (Head of Department/Program and Deputies

Eskisehir Osmangazi University Sivrihisar Vocational High School

Yenice Mah.  Eskişehir Street No:140 26600 Sivrihisar/Eskisehir

Tel: 222 712 5305 - 222 712 712 53 06

15. Department/ Program Facilities

1 instructor is available at the program. Also, a laboratory and theoretical class rooms are available for students. The lab will help students comprehend the operating principles of air conditioning and refrigeration systems.


16. Academic Staff


Lect. Hasan KÖSEOĞLU

Lect. Mesut BOSTAN

Lect. Zeynep ÇELİK



17. Objectives & Learning Outcomes (T.Y.Y.Ç)