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Department of Comparative Literature

1. General Information

Department of Comparative Literature was established in 2000. The fundamental aim of the department is to educate students as comparatists possessing the necessary qualities for representing Turkish literature, culture and art abroad.


Students receive a diploma for Bachelor’s on Comparative Literature


2. Degree level



3. Requirements for Application and Registration

General application requirements for Turkish and foreign students are also valid for the program.


4. Recognition of the Previous Education 

In Turkish Higher Education Institutions, recognition of former formal education, vertical and lateral transfer and transfer between departments in the university is fulfilled within in the scope of YÖK (Yüksek Öğretim Kurulu) regulations, namely “The transfer between associate degrees and undergraduate degrees, double major, lateral branch and inter-institutional credit transfer regulations in the Higher Education Institutions”. At the beginning of the each semester, exemption exams for language and computer sciences courses can be taken. Students who can pass the exam will be exempted of mentioned courses.


5. Requirements and Rules for Qualification

 In order to be graduated from the Department of Comparative Literature, students are supposed to take courses of total 240 ECTS and to complete obligatory training.


6. Program Profile (Aim)

·        To educate comparatists who will represent Turkish literature, culture and art abroad having good command of the literatures, cultures and arts of the foreign languages they have besides their own. The program also aims to present developments on the field to the Turkish literary circle.

·        To train qualified students, who can speak foreign languages and who have adequate knowledge on the cultures of these languages, required on the fields of tourism, commerce, transport, the press and the media in our country.

·        To train literary critics and editors whom the publication and broadcasting sectors are in need.

·        To train experts qualified on languages and on different cultures to be employed in the foreign and internal offices of Ministry of Education, Ministry of Defense, ministry of Foreign Affairs and that of Internal Affairs.

·        To train educated people who would prevent misunderstandings in terms of stereotypes related with Turkish literature, fine arts and culture in general and by this way would contribute to the global understanding between cultures.

·        Being the first state university department that has started the MA and PHD programs in the field, to train comparatists who would be required by the new comparative literature departments to be established in the other universities.


  Program Qualifications (Learning Outcomes)

·          to have sufficient knowledge of comparative literature; an ability to apply theoretical and practical knowledge on this area,

·            to have a good command of foreign languages and of the fields of comparative literature, Turkish and world literature; to have professional and ethical responsibility,

·          to analyze literary texts from Turkish and world literatures with a comparative approach,

·         to study on literary texts which are belong to different nations; identifying different cultures through these texts and examining concept of multiculturalism,

·         to define problems analytically and to make remedial decisions

·         to be  open to follow developments in the field,

·         to work effectively in team work and have effective communication skills.


7. Employment Possibilities for the Graduates

Our graduates can be employed as teaching staff at the universities and as editors and critics or producers in the publishing and broadcasting sector. They can also be employed by the exporting and importing corporations. Besides, they– being polyglots, can become members of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


8. Next Stage in Education

Master’s degree programs for comparative literature or related fields.


9. Examination, Assessment and Evaluation

Assessment and evaluation methods for each course have been described on the Course Information Form.


10. Graduation Requirements

As stated under the Requirements and Rules for Qualification subject.


11. Manner of Work (Full-time, e-learning)


12.  Address and Contact Information (Head of the Department, Vice-heads, Departmental Erasmus Coordinator)

Eskişehir Osmangazi Üniversitesi Fen Edebiyat Fakültesi Karşılaştırmalı Edebiyat Bölümü

Meşelik 26480 Eskişehir

Phone: 222 239 37 50 / 2328

Prof.Dr. Medine SİVRİ (Head of the Main Branch) Extension: 2325, medinesivri@gmail.com

Assist. Prof.Dr. Engin BÖLÜKMEŞE ( Vice-head) Extension: 2316, enginb@gmail.com

Assist.Prof.Dr. Özlem ÖZEN ( Vice-head) Extension:  2982, ozlemerganozen@gmail.com

Assist.Prof.Dr. Sibel Kocaer (Erasmus Coordinator) Extension: 2328, skocaer@ogu.edu.tr


13. Program Facilities

18 teaching staff serves in the Comparative Literature Department. The department has facilities such as four classrooms, one seminar room (with cable TV, DVD and CD players), projection devices and two laptops for the use of students. 


14. Teaching Staff

Department of Comparative Literature

 Branch of Comparative Literature

 Prof.Dr.Medine SİVRİ (Head of the Branch)


Assist.Prof.Dr. Mehmet SEMERCİ


Res. Assist. Arzu YETİM

Res. Assist.Zeynep ORHAN

Res. Assist.Canan AKBABA


Branch of Western Languages and Literatures

 Assist.Prof.Dr. Engin BÖLÜKMEŞE (Head of the Branch)

Assist.Prof.Dr.. Özlem ÖZEN

Lect. Tanya ÇİFTÇİ


Branch of Eastern Languages and Literatures

 Assist.Prof.Dr. Sibel KOCAERHead of the Branch)

Assist.Prof.Dr. Ferzanah DOULATABADİ


Branch of Turkish Dialects and Literatures

Lect. Gizem KUNDURACI  (Head of the Branch)


Branch of Translation Studies 

Assist.Prof.Dr. Raika Şeyda ÜLSEVER (Head of the Branch)

Res. Assist. Veysel LİDAR