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Health Institutions Management

1.General Information


  The department was established in 2009 in the Eskişehir health college as the management of health institutions. Since 2016, the Department of Health Sciences has been continuing its educational activities under the name of Health Management. As of the 2018-2019 academic year, the department of midwifery which has 274 students and so far 200 students have graduated from.

  Health Management Programme is consisted of courses providing knowledge in background studies, knowledge in the field of management (business administration, accounting, economics, law) and professional knowledge (health services management, organizational behavior in health services, financial management in health services, cost accounting in health services, quantitative techniques in health services, health economics, health policy, health law, marketing in health services, etc.) and skills (field applications) in health services management. The program duration is 4 years. Students who will graduate from the program receive the title "Health Manager".


2.Degree Earned


  Students who successfully complete the program are given health management licence degree.


3.Level of Qualification


  Licence degree


4.Admission Requirements


  Turkish and foreign students to start the program for the general admission requirements apply which is determined from OSYM.


5.Recognition of Prior Learning (formal, in-formal, non-formal)


  Formal recognition of prior learning at Turkish higher education institutions, vertical, horizontal and transitions within the university are carried out with in the scope of "REGULATION RELATED TO PRINCIPLES ABOUT TRANSITION WITH IN BACHELOR'S DEGREE / ASSOCIATE DEGREE PROGRAMS AT HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS, DOUBLE MAJOR, MINOR AND CREDIT TRANSFER BETWEEN INSTITUTIONS" which is determined by Institution of Higher Education.

  With in the scope of recognition of certificate-based or experience-based learning except formal education at Turkey, exemption exam is organized  for some  computer and foreign language courses at the beginning of each academic term. Students, who take  the exam and succeed, are exempted from related subjects in the curriculum.


6.Qualification Conditions and Regulations


  Student must succeed all courses in the curriculum and have no FF, DZ and YZ notes. In this curriculum, the student must provide 240 ECTS at least and student’s cumulative grade point average must be  2.00 out of 4.00 at least.


7.Profile of Program (The Aim)


  In this context, the aim of the Department of Health Management is to train the students as qualified health services managers, who have the necessary knowledge and ability to systematically and consciously implement the notions, principles, theories, models and techniques related to planning, organizing, exercising, coordinating and supervising functions with an aim of achieving the goals of the health system, and also to contribute to the accumulation of scientific knowledge through the researches made in the field of health services management.


8.Program Qualifications (Learning Outcomes)


  • Have theoretical knowledge of management, law, accounting and finance, and economics.
  • Have theoretical and practical knowledge related to the field of healthcare management.
  • Have knowledge on interpretation of components of the national and international health care systems and health policies.
  • Recognize subdivisions and employees of the health care system and will have knowledge about the duties, authorities and responsibilities of the employees.
  •  Have knowledge about social, environmental and behavioral factors related with improving the health of society and the individual.
  • Implement the knowledge and skills about healthcare management in areas of management, production, human resources, finance, accounting, marketing, patient and public relations, information and technology systems.
  • Effectively use information technologies in health care management.
  • Use scientific methods and techniques in critical and creative thinking, decision making and problem solving for problems that arise in the management of health care.
  • Analyze, evaluate and interpret data relevant with the field.
  • Investigate and evaluate developments related to the healthcare management by using scientific methods and techniques.
  • Exhibit leadership qualities in the unit they work.
  • Take responsibility as an individual and as a team member in order to solve problems which occur in healthcare management practices.
  • Evaluate healthcare employees' personality, cultural, and behavioral characteristics and direct toward the objectives of the organization.
  • Decide and implement ways of accessing information.
  • Continuously improve professional knowledge and skills; and are open to change, innovation, and entrepreneurship.
  • Monitor developments in the field and communicate with colleagues by using foreign language.
  • Solve problems by using effective communication methods.
  • Have the competency to use correct grammer in verbal and written communication and terminology used in health care institutions.
  • Share ideas, proposals for solutions verbal and written on issues related to health care management with in-house and external stakeholders.
  • Use information and communication technologies with computer software at least at the level of the European Computer Driving Licence required by the field.
  • Reflect management philosophy and management functions appropriate to eevery unit practices to management practices.
  • Act in accordance with the legal regulations, the social, scientific, professional ethics principles of the field.
  • Act susceptible in general health problems within in the country or around the world. Assess and review solutions.


9.Employment Prossibilities of Graduates


  Health Care Management field have large and new area of employment. It has been needed employee in health care management in public and private sector. Many international project need specialist in health care management sector. Graduates can work in all institutions in health care sector as an administrative or executive staff. Health reforms in Turkey or world, tendency of health sector and documents (Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey Vision 2023 Health Care Report, Documents of Health Ministry Reform, Court of Accounts’ reports, Progress Plans, TODAİE’s reports) show that it will be more requirement for Health Care Management specialists in the future.

Graduates can work the institutions mentioned below:

  • Central Organization and Provincial of Ministry of Health (include Supervisory Board)
  • Public and private health corporations (Hospitals, medical centres, policlinics, home care centres, dialysis centres, diagnosis centres, oral and dental health centre)
  • Insurance companies,
  • Social Security İnstitutions,
  • Private and voluntary health agencies (like The Red Crescent in Turkey),
  • As a lecturer in Health Care Management Department of Universities or they can work in universities which have health care management classes or similar classes.
  • Pharmaceutical and medical device companies,
  • Health department of media organs.


10.Transition to The Upper Level Programs


  If candidates, who are successful completion of undergraduate degree, take valid points ALES or equivalent exams and have adequate knowledge of foreign languages, they can study in their fields or graduate programs in related fields.


11.Examinations, Assessment and Evaluation


  Evaluation and assessment methods for each course is described in detail in "Course Information Form".


12.Graduation Requirements


  The student must provide 240 ECTS at least and student’s cumulative grade point average must be  2.00 out of 4.00 at least


13.Mode of Study (Full-Time, e-learning)




14.Address and Contact Information (Department/Program Director, Assistant Coordinator of the Erasmas)


Address: Eskişehir Osmangazi University

Faculty of Health Sciences Health Management Departmant

Meşelik Campus, 26480 ESKİŞEHİR

Phone Number: +90 222. 239 37 50(1103)

Head of Department: Prof.Dr.Menderes TARCAN

Phone Number: +90 222  239 37 50 (1178)


Deputy Head of Department : Asst. Prof. Dr. Gözde YEŞİLAYDIN

Tel:+90 222. 239 37 50 (1548)


15.Facilities of Department or Program


  There are 1 Professor, 2 Assistant Professor Doctor, 1 Research Assistant. There aren’t administrative staff in midwifery department.

  The education and training services of the department are given in the building of the Faculty of Health Sciences in the campus of Meşelik Campus.

  There are 4 office, 3 classroom.. Fix projection is available in all classroom. All classrooms have fixed barcovision. There is also a multi-purpose seminar room, computer laboratory and student canteen in common with other departments.


16.Academic Staff


Prof. Dr. Menderes TARCAN (Head of Deparment)

Asst. Prof. Dr. Gözde YEŞİLAYDIN (Deputy Head of Department)

Asst. Prof. Dr. Yaşar ODACIOĞLU

Rsch. Asst. Dr. Deniz Tugay ARSLAN

Rsch. Asst. Büşra GÜL

17. Objectives & Learning Outcomes (T.Y.Y.Ç)