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Department of Business Administration

1. General Information

There are Business Law, Accounting and Financing, Quantitative Methods, Management Organization and Production Management and Marketing departments exist within the structure of Department of Business Administration that had started formal education in 1995. Mission of the department is, being the mostly known and preferred department in Turkey. In this direction, Department of Business Administration not only present high-quality education programs but also make a great contribution with publications to scientific studies. Our students have effective communication skills, sense of social responsibility and the qualification of being open to new ideas. Our grads are getting ready for working as administrator at leading firms. At the same time, department programs are designed for students to continue their education at master’s degree and doctorate degree.


2. Qualification

Bachelor’s degree is given to students who accomplish the program.


3. Level of Qualification



4. Admission and Enrollment Terms

General entrance requirements for Turkish and foreign students are valid to start the program.


5. Recognition of Former Education

Recognition of prior learning at Turkish Higher Education institutions is recognized within the context of  “BASIS OF REGULATION IN REGARD TO THE TRANSITION BETWEEN ASSOCIATE DEGREE AND UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAMS OF HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS, DOUBLE MAJOR, MINOR AND CREDIT TRANSFER BETWEEN CORPORATE ACTION” that is stated by Council of Higher Education for vertical and lateral transfers.

At the beginning of every semester, exemption exams for some computer lessons and foreign languages are organized.

6. Competency Requirements and Terms

Student has to accomplish all lessons, not have FF, DZ or YZ grades. In that program, student has to provide minimum 240 ECTS credit and student’s grade point average has to be at least 2,00 on the scale of 4,00.


7.  Objectives of the Program

  •  Training candidates of managers who have knowledge of the management and social sciences, can reach information by using science and technology efficiently and can use these information in business life, apprehend the importance of the factor of production of country.
  •  Taking cognizance of cooperation, generating solutions for industrial issues, making national and international studies by using fund of knowledge and experiences.
  •  Applying the acquired fund of knowledge, experiences and skills to all steps of management.
  •  Training managers amenable to teamwork and participative.

8. Program Competencies (Learning Outcomes)

1)    The students will have the advanced level of conceptual and practical knowledge about Business Administration and they will have the ability of classifying, analyzing and evaluating this knowledge within the scope of scientific method.

2)    The students will have the ability of determining the problems that managements face and generating solutions by making necessary research design.

3)    The students will have the ability of being attuned to changings and following the timely tendencies about Business Administration and social sciences.

4)    The students will have the ability of performing teamwork efficiently and providing task sharing and coordination between team members.

5)    The students will be able to evaluate economic indicators and plan the way of using the job opportunities in the market.

6)    The students will have the ability of evaluating problems, threats or opportunities and expressing their suggestions or solutions.

7)    The students will have the ability of following and using the developing information and communication Technologies.

8)    The students will have the effective management ability and will be able to perform planning, coordination and controlling operations.

9)    The students will internalize legal, ethical and professional principles and the will have social sense of responsibility at the decisions and administrations.

10)   The students will be able to manage the interpersonal relations.

11)    The students will have the ability of generating reformer ideas, encouraging to generate reformer ideas and putting these ideas into practice.

9.  Employment Opportunities for Graduates

Our grad students can not only set up their own businesses but also work at public institutions and private sector units as senior, mid-level and low-level managers.

     10. Further Study

Students who complete bachelor’s programmes successfully can study postgraduate programs under the condition that they get a valid point for Academic Personnel and Postgraduate Education Entrance Exam and they have qualified English language transcript (one of the interuniversity foreign language examination exams).

11. Testing, Measurement and Evaluation

Form of qualification and evaluation implemented on all lessons is identified in “Course Information Form” comprehensively.


12. Graduation Requirements

Graduation requirements are in the way that is stated in “Qualification Requirements and Rules”


13. Manner of Study (Full Time, e-learning)


14. Address and Contact Details (Head of Department/Program and Deputies)

Eskişehir Osmangazi Üniversitesi İktisadi ve İdari Bilimler Fakültesi İşletme Bölümü

Meşelik Kampüsü 26480 Eskişehir

Tel 222 239 37 50 / 1117

Professor Nuray GİRGİNER Head of Department)

Professor Tunç KÖSE (Co-head of Department) 

Assistant Professor. Halil Semih KİMZAN (Co-head of Department)

Assistant Professor Umut KOÇ (Department Bologna Coordinator)


15. Department/Program Facilities

In department of Business Administration, 18 faculty members (4 professors, 3 associate professors, 11 assistant professors and 1 teaching assistant), 8 research assistants and 1 administrative personnel function.

In department of Business Administration there are 19 offices and 6 classrooms with 150 people capacity, 1 meeting room and 1 seminer hall. Classrooms are equipped with settled Data Show. There are 2 computer labs in our department.                                                                                                                                                                                                            

16. Academic Staff

Sayısal Yöntemler Anabilim Dalı

Professor Nuray GİRGİNER

Assistant Professor Hüseyin GÜRBÜZ

Assistant Professor Zeliha KAYGISIZ

Research Assistant Damla GELDİŞEN


Muhasebe ve Finansman Anabilim Dalı

Professor Abdullah YALAMAN

Professor Birol YILDIZ

Professor Tunç KÖSE

Associate Professor Arzum Erken ÇELİK

Associate Professor Nurullah UÇKUN

Research Assistant Duygu ŞENGÜL

Research Assistant Şafak AĞDENİZ


Üretim Yönetimi ve Pazarlama

Associate Professor Müjdat ÖZMEN

Assistant Professor Halil Semih KİMZAN

Assistant Professor Muhammet Ali TİLTAY

Assistant Professor Behçet Yalın ÖZKARA

Research Assistant Volkan DOĞAN


Yönetim ve Organizasyon

Assistant Professor Umut KOÇ

Assistant Professor Özlem UZUN

Assistant Professor Musa Said DÖVEN

Assistant Professor Onur DİRLİK

Teaching Assistant Sami TEKDEMİR

Research Assistant Yücel TÜRKER

Research Assistant Hamid Murad ÖZCAN

Research Assistant Tuba YİYİT

17. Objectives & Learning Outcomes (T.Y.Y.Ç)