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Department of International Relations

1. General Information

Department of International Relations at Eskisehir Osmangazi University has a young, promising and aspired academic staff. Since 2007-2008 academic year, when our first students were enrolled, our department has gradually strengthened its staff with new professors and research assistants. Now, our department enjoys two Professors, two Associate Professor, four Assistant Professor Doctors, one Lecturer and five Research Assistants. Our professors concluded their graduate education in major European and American universities and were specialized on various areas of International Relations discipline. Therefore, our department offers courses ranging from IR theory to Turkish Politics, and from the Middle Eastern and the Central Asian Politics to the European Union issues, most of which are taught in English. In addition, instructors from other departments of the faculty teach courses in our department.

Our students have a good command of English and a comprehension of current international issues. They are not only encouraged to advance their knowledge on those issues, but also to learn a second foreign language. They regularly organize seminars and workshops concerning various topics of International Relations. Our university and library were endowed with sufficient means for the requirements of students. As city is close to the capital of Turkey, Ankara, and a metropolis, Istanbul, students have opportunities to participate in national and international conferences and events. They also have chance to quick access to the headquarters of international organizations and public offices in order to obtain internships.

2. Qualification

Bachelor Degree in International Relations is given to students who successfully complete the program. Graduates department of International Relations is the title of Bachelor Degree in International Relations.

3. Level of Qualification


4. Admission Requirements

General acceptance requirements are applicable for both Turkish and Foreign students in order to start the department.

5. Recognization at Former Education

Recognition of prior non-formal learning in the Turkish higher education institutions vertical, horizontal and transitions within the university is determined by the Board of Higher Education is made under “SWITCHING BETWEEN SHORT AND UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAMS OF HIGHER EDUCATİON INSTITUTIONS, DOUBLE MAJOR, MINOR AND CREDIT TRANSFER BETWEEN CORPORATE ACTION ON BASIS OF REGULATION”.

6. Competency Requirements and Terms

Students need to pass all courses and they should get at least 240 ECTS. Additionally, their grade-point average should be minimum 2.00 out of 4.00.

7. Program Profile

Six Program Training Objectives were established to train International Relations Specialists:

  • Awareness of life-long learning, awareness of entrepreneurship, ability to communicate effectively in Turkish, both orally and in writing, and ability to work effectively in inter- or multi-disciplinary areas,
  • Ability to use both theoretical and practical knowledge in international relations,
  • Ability to make analysis in various sub-branches of International Relations (Foreign Policy Analysis, Migration Studies, Area Studies, Political History, etc.),
  • Ability to have the knowledge and skills to choose and shape their own professional careers in the field of International Relations,
  • Ability to have independent and critical thinking and investigative personality in their careers,
  • Ability to communicate effectively in Turkish and also knowledge of a minimum of one foreign language.

8. Program Competencies (Learning Outcomes)

Students who complete this Program will gain the following outcomes:

  • Ability to make various analyzes in contemporary IR fields such as Area Studies, Migration Studies, International Organizations, Political Economy, Environmental Policies, as well as basic IR areas such as International Relations Theories, International Law, Diplomatic History, Foreign Policy Analysis etc.,
  • Ability to communicate effectively in Turkish and also knowledge of a minimum of one foreign language,
  • Ability to prepare a research question in the field of International Relations, to analyze this question within the framework of certain theories and conduct academic studies,
  • Ability to make research in a multidisciplinary framework (Political Science, Sociology, Economics, History, Comparative Analysis, etc.),
  • Understanding of professional and ethical issues,
  • Awareness of life-long learning, quickly adapting technological developments and ability to use them effectively in working life.

9. Employment Opportunities for Graduates                                    

Our graduates have similar career and employment opportunities as the other departments have in the Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences. Additionally, graduate students have numerous opportunities to find a job both at state institutions especially Ministry of Foreign Affairs and private companies.

10. Further Study

Students who completed successfully its bachelor degree can apply Master programs to improve their academic and career knowledge on the condition that they fulfill necessary requirements.

11. Testing, Measurement and Evaluation

The assessment and evaluation method applied for each course is described in detail at “The Course Information Form”.

12. Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements are similar to the ones which are explained at “The Competency Requirements and Terms”.

13. Manner of Study


14. Address and Contact Details (Head of Department/Program and Deputies)

Eskişehir Osmangazi University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Department of International Relations, Meselik Campus 26480 Eskisehir

Telephone Number: 222 239 37 50/1115

Prof. Dr. Ramazan ERDAĞ (Head of Department)

Dr. Tamer KAŞIKÇI (Deputy head of Department)

Dr. Cansu ATILGAN PAZVANTOĞLU (Erasmus Coordinator)

15. Department/Program Facilities

There are two professors, two assoc. prof. dr., four assist. prof. dr., one lecturer and five res. ass. at International Relations, In sum fourteen academic personnel work in our department.

16. Academic Staff

Department of International Politics

Prof. Dr. Ramazan ERDAĞ

Prof. Dr. Cengiz DİNÇ

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ali Onur ÖZÇELİK

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mustafa YETİM

Assist. Prof. Dr. Tamer KAŞIKÇI

Research Assistant Dr. Veysel TEKDAL

Department of International Law


Research Assistant Müge DALAR

Research Assistant Deniz Pelin DİNÇER

Research Assistant Betül YAVUZ YILMAZ

Department of Political History

Assist. Prof. Dr. İbrahim KÖREMEZLİ

Lecturer Canan ÇETİN

Research Assistant Dr. Oğuzhan MUTLUER

Department of International Political Economy

Assist. Prof. Dr. Ragıp YILMAZ