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Political Science and Public Administration

1.  General Information

Mission of our department is to grow people who has abilities to analytical thinking and problem solving with strong infrastructure on Political Science and Public Administration. Our students will be provided with main theory and practical knowledge defining and explaining Public Administration.

Department of Political Science and Public Administration aims students to gain strong political, social, administrative and legal fundamentals in order to work as manager, local authority, administrative judge, specialist, inspector, auditor, controller or academician at both public and private sector organizations.

Our grad students will be able to understand and explain political, economic, legal, administrative and cultural developments and national and international processes which affect these developments via interdisciplinary point of view.

2.  Acquired Degree

Students who accomplished this program become entitled to acquire bachelor's degree in the field of Political Science and Public Administration.

3.  Degree Level

Bachelor's degree

4.  Admission and Registration Requirements

General admission requirements for Turkish and other students are valid to register this program.

5. Recognition of Prior Learning

Vertical recognition of learning the former lattice Turkish higher education institutions, horizontal and transitions within the university is determined by the Board of Higher Education "HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS IN UNDERGRADUATE AND GRADUATE LEVELS IN THE PROGRAMMES BETWEEN THE CROSSING, DOUBLE MAJOR SIDE REGULATIONS FOR THE DEPARTMENT AND INSTITUTIONS INTERNATIONAL CREDIT TRANSFER WHAT BASIS" projects are being done.

At the beginning of each academic semester exam exemption for certain computer and foreign language classes outside the scope of certification based on formal educational institutions in Turkey or the recognition of experience-based learning are organized. Students who successfully enter the exam are exempt from the related course in the program.

6.  Qualification Requirements and Rules

If the student has completed all the courses in the program, there should be no FF, DZ or YZ grades. In this program, the student must be able to earn a minimum of 240 ECTS credits and be at least 2.00 out of 4.00 GPA.

7.  Program Profile (Objective)

Our aim is to educate candidates who are aimed at our department, who produce information in a universal quality, respectful to the public interest and qualified public administrators, and present the studies in the field of scientific research for the benefit of society. To educate individuals with theoretical and practical knowledge in the fields of management sciences, law, politics, urbanization and environmental problems, which have administrative qualifications in public institutions and institutions, public institutions, private sector and non-governmental organizations. To produce qualified knowledge related to political and managerial theory and practice, to train qualified scientist and practitioner by transferring knowledge related to the field to our students. At the same time, our department has the ability to understand, interpret and evaluate local, national and global phenomena and events in a critical and analytical way; aims to develop capacities for the development of solution proposals for problems arising at local, national and global levels. Our mission is to be a prominent institution with scientific production and educated students in the field of our mission to create a feeling of belonging that we will carry with pride in our students. Our vision is to be one of the strongest departments of the country in the field of ours.

8.  Program Qualifications (Learning Outcomes)

  1. To recognize, explain and analyze the basic concepts of management science, political science and sociology, law sciences, urbanization. To be able to recognize the currents of thought in the local, national and universal dimensions that shape, influence, define, analyze and question these areas and have theoretical knowledge and equipment in these subjects.
  2. To consider the existence, to compare, to criticize and to question alternative schools of thought in the context of political science, public administration, jurisprudence and urbanization. To be approached with an analytical approach to political, social, administrative, legal, financial, urban problems in this framework.
  3. Qualified personnel needed by the public and private sector are sought after; to have knowledge of public administration, politics, law, economics, finance, international relations, business, accounting and to use them.
  4. To follow theoretical and practical innovations in theoretical and practical areas of public administration, law, politics, urbanization and environmental issues at national and international level, to evaluate the information in this area in an integrated and comparative way in the public and private sector decision making mechanisms and to apply necessary ones.
  5. To be conscious of social, scientific and professional ethical values; to be open to change and innovation.
  6. To be able to use computer technologies and programs that are available to the private and public sector in the management stages or in the case of an academic career; to be able to communicate effectively and quickly with the professional stakeholders abroad thanks to modern age technologies.
  7. To be able to reveal and develop opinions about contemporary public administration and political science topics and to use them in interpretation.

9.   Employment Opportunities for Graduates

Our graduates are be able to work as:

  • District governor in the Ministry of Interior,
  • Judge in administrative and tax courts,
  • Auditor assistant at the Court of Accounts,
  • Assistant specialist at Prime Ministry, ministries, general directorates, regulatory and supervisory agencies and banks,
  • Assistant inspector, assistant controller or assistant auditor at Prime Ministry, ministries, general directorates and public or private banks,
  • Research assistant at universities,
  • Employees and managers at all levels in the private sector, public sector and non-governmental organizations.

10. Promotion to Higher Degree Programs

Candidates who have successfully completed their undergraduate education can obtain a valid score from the ALES or equivalence exams and can study in their own field or in the related areas of the undergraduate programs provided they have sufficient knowledge of the foreign language.

11. Examinations, Assessment and Grading

The form of assessment and evaluation applied for each course is described in detail in the "Course Information Form".

12. Graduation Requirements

Graduation requirements are as described in the "Qualification Requirements and Rules" section.

13. Manner of Study


14. Address and Contact Information (Head of Department) 

Eskişehir Osmangazi Üniversitesi İktisadi ve İdari Bilimler Fakültesi Siyaset Bilimi ve Kamu Yönetimi Bölümü Meşelik Kampüsü 26480 ESKİŞEHİR

Head of Department (Deputy): Asst. Prof. Rukiye TINAS

15. Department / Program Facilities

There are a total of 4 academicians including 1 associate professor, 2 assistant professors and 1 research assistant in the Department of Political Science and Public Administration. Our department has 12 offices and 6 classrooms and is equipped with 5 class fixed Data Show.

16. Academicians

Division of Management Sciences

Assoc. Prof. Alper ÖZMEN

Res. Asst. Esma YÜRÜK

Division of Political and Social Sciences

Asst. Prof. Rukiye TINAS

Asst. Prof. Gülen Göktürk

Res. Asst. Talha KÖSEOĞLU

Division of Urbanization and Environmental Problems

Assoc. Prof. Bilge Kağan ŞAKACI

17. Objectives & Learning Outcomes (T.Y.Y.Ç)