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Nursing Department


1. General Information


  Eskişehir Osmangazi University Faculty of Health Sciences Nursing Department continued its education and training activities within the body of Eskişehir Health School, which was established with the decision of the Council of Ministers dated 10.10.1996 and numbered 96/8655, until 2016. It was published in the Official Gazette dated 27.08.2015 and numbered 80052. With the transformation of Eskişehir School of Health into Faculty of Health Sciences with the decision of the Council of Ministers, the Department of Nursing has started to accept new students within the Faculty of Health Sciences since the 2016-2017 academic year.


2. Qualification


Students who successfully complete the program are awarded a bachelor's degree in nursing. 


3. Level of Qualification


  Bachelor's Degree


4. Admission and Enrollment Terms


  Turkish and foreign students to start the program for the general admission requirements apply.


5. Recognition of Former Education


  Formal recognition of prior learning at Turkish higher education institutions, vertical, horizontal and transitions within the university are carried out with in the scope of "REGULATION RELATED TO PRINCIPLES ABOUT TRANSITION WİTH IN BACHELOR'S DEGREE / ASSOCİATE DEGREE PROGRAMS AT HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS, DOUBLE MAJOR, MINOR AND CREDIT TRANSFER BETWEEN INSTITUTIONS" which is determined by İnstitution of Higher Education.

  With in the scope of recognition of certificate-based or experience-based learning except formal education at Turkey, exemption exam is organized  for some  computer and foreign language courses at the beginning of each academic term. Students, who take  the exam and succeed, are exempted from related subjects in the curriculum.


6. Competency Requirements and Terms


  Student must succeed all courses in the curriculum and have no FF, DZ and YZ notes. In this curriculum, the student must provide 240/120 ECTS at least and student’s cumulative grade point average must be  2.00 out of 4.00 at least.

One of the ECTS should be preferred. Time should also be defined if there is practice obligation of curriculum/department


7. Objectives of the Program


Ø The aim of Nursing Department is to provide  an associated degreed and trained nurse who is able to;

Ø make studies about protection for the community family and individual health or illness, protection  and regaining of health,

Ø share the results of research at the point of development of health protection

Ø rely on team collaboration for protection for the community family and individual health

Ø protect health of community family and individual and be a consultant for health protection and  regaining health in case of illness

Ø make care plans, which are suitable for standarts of European Union in higher education system, and conduct them using evidence-based and critical thinking process.

Ø effectively communicate about protection of  health of community family and individual and   health protection in case of illness and regaining health.

Ø use holistic care approach and contribute evolution of nursing profession,

Ø get on legal and ethical principles at nursing care

Ø share all kinds of information at the point of being an advocate for the rights of patients and families in patient care, share knowledge and skills required for recovery of individuals

Ø give care to family at protection of health and the treatment of disease in accordance with the holistic and humanistic values


8. Program Qualifications (Learning Outcomes)


Our Graduates,


1.   In any environment, they can determine the individual, family and society’s health-related needs which can be met by nursing interventions in any environment.

2.  They can make plan of nursing care for requirements within the context of the nursing diagnostic process.

3.  They can implement nursing care.

4.  They can supervise nursing care.

5.  They can evaluate nursing care.

6.  They can identify the need for health education to patients and healthy individuals.

7.  They can prepare trainin plan accordance with the defined requirement.

8.  They can implement the planned training.

9.  They can evaluate the results of training.

10. They can apply treatments which is given in writing, except for emergencies.

11. They can make tasks in current legislation  in family medicine practice.

12. They can work in management and administrative duties which are related to nursing.


9. Careers


  Nursing In all public or private health institutions, they take charge as clinical nurse, clinical nurse responsible and hospital Health Services Maintenance Manager. In addition, they work in factories, nursing homes for the elderly, and nurseries in order to inform and care employees about home care, private nursing, pharmaceutical companies and medical equipment, marketing promotion, school health nursing, occupational health. 


10. Further Study


If candidates, who are successful completion of undergraduate degree, take valid points ALES or equivalent exams and  have adequate knowledge of foreign languages, they can study in their fields or graduate programs in related fields.


11. Examination Regulations, Assessment and Grading


  Assessment and evaluation for each course "Course Information Form" is      described in detail in.


12. Graduation Requirements

  Graduation requirements "Qualification Requirements and Regulations" as described in the section.


13. Manner of Study  




14. Address and Contact Details (Head of Department/Program    and Deputies


Address: Eskisehir Osmangazi University

Faculty of Health Sciences Department of Nursing

Meşelik Campus Büyükdere Mah. prof. Dr. Nabi AVCI Bulvarı No:4

26040 Odunpazari - ESKISEHIR

Phone: +90(222) 239 37 50 (1103)


Head of Department: Assoc. Dr. Ayşe ÖZKARAMAN Phone +90 222 239 37 50 (1548)


Department Vice Presidents:

Asst. Prof.Dr. Berrak MIZRAK ŞAHİN Phone:+90 222 239 37 50 (1529)

Asst. Prof.Dr. Pınar DURU Phone :+90 222 239 37 50 (1107) 


15. Department/ Program Facilities


 There are 3 professors, 5 associate professors, 6 physicians, 2 lecturers and 4 research assistants in the nursing department.

 Educational services of the department are given in the Faculty of Health Sciences building on the Meşelik Campus campus.      EskişehirOsmangazi University Faculty of Health Sciences has 8 classrooms, 2 lecture halls, a skill practice laboratory that is used jointly by the Midwifery and Nursing Department, a multi-purpose seminar hall, a computer laboratory and a student canteen used in common with other departments.      


16. Academic Staff


Prof. Dr. Guler Balcı Alparslan

Prof. Dr. Ozlem Orsal

Prof. Dr. Elif GURSOY

Assoc. Dr. Ayfer Acikgoz

Assoc. Dr. Ayşe ÖZKARAMAN

Assoc. Dr. Aysun TURE

Assoc. Dr. Yeliz KAYA

Assoc. Dr. Nazike DURUK

Asst. Prof .Dr. Berrak MIZRAK ŞAHİN

Asst. Prof.Dr. Esra USLU

Asst. Prof.Dr. Sevil PAMUK CEBECI

Asst. Prof.Dr. Pinar DURU

Asst. Prof.Dr.Semra EYİ

Asst. Prof.Dr. Hülya KOK EREN

Lecturer Dilruba BİNBOGA

Lecturer Senay DURKAYA

Research Assistant Füsun UZGOR

Research Assistant Merve ÇAKIRLI

Research Assistant Deniz YIGIT

Research Assistant Havva YEŞİLDERE SAĞLAM

Research Assistant Esen ÖNGÜN

17. Objectives & Learning Outcomes (T.Y.Y.Ç)