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Statistics Department

1. General Information

The Foundation of our department originates to the year 1982 but our department became a part of Osmangazi University in 1993. After the 2000-2001 semesters, nightly education was a part of the department’s program. Today we have both daytime education and nightly education.

In Statistics department, there are 6 main scientific branches named as statistical theory, applicatory statistics, Statistical Information systems, Probability Theory and Stochastic Processes, Operations Research and Risk analysis. The department students have a chance to do double major or a minor if they are successful.

The department has 16 academicians, 1 lecturer and 9 research assistants. This staff is capable of producing scientific researches and educating students.

In the department, the lectures are given in 4 classrooms. Also we have 2 computer labs one serving scientific researches with 4 computers and another serving educational purposes with 60 computers.

In the first grade, we teach fundamental computer knowledge, programming languages and statistical package softwares. During the educational period, the computer applications for the departmental lessons, are shown with the help statistical package programs (SPSS, STATISTICA, SAS, STATGRAPH, MINITAB, QSB). Apart from the departmental classes, lessons such as administration, Money and Capital stock markets, Simulation, Quality Control, Software Development and Marketing research allow our graduates to expand their job alternatives. During the educational period apart from their projects, our students can take part in private research companies, surveys of Turkish Statistical Institute. Students may also become interns in public or private corporations in order to become practitioners of quality control and system analysis one day.

2. Degrees Offered

The students who have accomplished the program will have a Statistics undergraduate diploma. Graduated students are called “statician”.


3. Degree of Level

Bachelor of Science


4.  Admission and Enrollment Terms

General admission and enrollment terms are eligible for Turkish and foreign students.

5.  Recognition of Former Education

In Turkish Higher Education Institutions, recognition of former formal education, vertical and lateral transfer and transfer between departments in the university is fulfilled within in the scope of Higher Education Council (HEC) regulations, namely “The transfer between associate degrees and undergraduate degrees, double major, lateral branch and interinstitutional credit transfer regulations in the Higher Education Institutions”.

At the beginning of the each period, exemption exams for language and computer sciences courses, which in Turkey, as a content of recognition of the learning based on certificate or practice, can be taken. Students who can pass the exam will be exempted of mentioned courses.


6. Competency Requirements and Terms

The students have to pass all of the courses in the program and must not have any FF, DZ or YZ grades. In this program, the students should have minimum 240 ECTS and grade points average (gpa) have to be minimum 2,00 over 4,00.


7. Scope of the Program (Aim)

To accustom high quality learning and searching environment.

To improve the ability of students about analyzing and inferring the real life data.

To accustom students show analytic approach to daily life problems.

To provide students opportunities to discover their communication, interactive and inferring abilities.


8. Program Eligibilities

Showing the ability of using statistical knowledge.

Having enough knowledge about theory and practice of statistics.

Showing the ability of defining problem, collecting data, modeling and resolving in statistics and related areas.

Showing the ability of defining problem and resolving toward a defined aim.

Showing the ability of analyze, comment the collected data in computer environment and use in decision process.

Showing the ability of using current software and techniques for statistics applications.

Having the ability of team working in and interdisciplines.

Showing the ability improving themselves by following developments about not only statistics but also other scientific, technologic and daily subjects.

Having the ability of studying individual, thinking analytically and decision making.

Having the sense of professional and ethical responsibility.

Ability of performing a scientific research.

Ability of being sensitive about the problems of environment they live and producing solutions.

Ability of using suitable algorithms for problems and writing computer program.

Ability of realizing the importance of lifelearning and using it.


9. Careers

Students who graduate from the department are employed in public and private institutions with the title of staticians. In addition, graduated students can work as Academician, System Analyst, Computer Programmer, Data Analyst, TSI Specialist, Quality Control Specialist, Marketing and Sales Expert, Bank Examiner, Specialist in Banks and Insurance Company, Finance and Accounting Staff.


10. Further Study

The department offers a various research opportunities leading to master and PhD degrees for the students who are successfully graduated from undergraduate program have sufficient grade of foreign language and ALES (or equivalent exams) grades.


11.  Examinations, Measurement and Evaluation

The way of measurement and evaluation of each course is described in “Course Information Form” in detailed.


12. Graduation Terms

Graduation terms are as given in “Competency Requirements and Terms”.


13. Manner of Study

Fulltime study program.


14.  Address and Contact Details (Head of Department/Program, Deputies and Erasmus Coordinator)

Eskişehir Osmangazi University Science-Art Faculty Statistics Department

Batı-Meşelik 26480 Eskişehir

Phone number: 0 222 239 37 50 / 2111


Prof. Dr. H. Hatice Fidan  (Head of Department), Intercom:+90 222 2393750 / 2123

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Fatih ÇEMREK​ (Co- Head of Department),Intercom: +90 222 2393750 / 2108

15. Department/ Program Facilities

There are 6 professors, 3 associated professors, 8 assistant professors, totally 17 instructors and also 1 teaching assistant, 6 research assistants and 1 administrative personnel in the department.

In the Statistics Department, there are 21 offices, 4 classrooms, 2 computer laboratories, one of them is 12 m2 with 4 computers and the other is 72 m2 with 60 computers in the area of usage of 288 m2. There are 4 classrooms and 1 laboratory are equipped with stable Data Show and 1stationery Data Show is available.


16. Academic Staff

Applied Statistics

 Prof. Dr. Zeki YILDIZ

Prof. Dr. Zeynep FİLİZ

Prof. Dr. Veysel YILMAZ

 Prof. Dr. Hatice ŞAMKAR

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Fatih ÇEMREK

Assist. Prof. Dr. Gaye K. ÇATALBAŞ

Res. Assist. Barış ERGÜL

Res. Assist. Gamze GÜVEN


Statistical Theory

 Prof. Dr. Özlem ALPU

 Prof. Dr. Arzu Altın YAVUZ

Assist. Prof. Dr. Günseli KURT

Assist. Prof. Dr. Y. Murat BULUT





Operations Research

 Prof. Dr. H. Kıvanç AKSOY

Assist. Prof. Dr. Sevgi AYHAN



Statistical Information Systems

Assist. Prof. Dr. Özer ÖZAYDIN

Res. Assist. Selim DÖNMEZ



Risk Analysis

Assist. Prof. Dr.​ Serdar NESLİHANOĞLU


Probability Theory and Stochastic Processes

Assist. Prof. Dr. Hülya ŞEN

Res. Assist. Zeynep İLHAN