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Department of History


1.General Information

Department of History had reorganized as in Osmangazi University Faculity of Arts and Science ,by law enancment by delegated legislation no 496 in August 18th 1993, while it is within Anadolu University. Our department which capasity were increased by opening evening education, 28 academicians has been working.

In addition, since 2017 – 2018 fall season, there are total 727 bachelor degree students as 370 students in formal education and 373 students in evening education and there are 97 postgraduate students in department of history of Early Modern, Modern Ages and History of Republic of Turkey.

Main purpose of the department is to educate qualified persons in terms of intellectualism and humanism. In addition to bachelor degree, postgraduate education in departmentof history of modern ages have been performing and studies to open master and doctora program in other departments have been contiuned. 

Our main departments are;

  1. Ancient History
  2. Medieval History
  3. History of Early Modern Ages
  4. History of Modern Ages
  5. General Turkish History
  6. History of Ottoman Institutions and Civilization
  7. History of Republic of Turkey


2. Qualification

Bachelor degree diploma is given to students who completed the program succesfully.


3. Level of qualification



4. Admission and Enrollment Terms

General acceptance conditions are effective to begin the program for Turkish and foreign students.


5. Recognation of  of former  education


Exemption exams for some computer and foreign language courses have examined in the beginning of every academic year in scope of acknowledgment of education based on certificate and experiment out of higher education instutitons in Turkey. Students who participate the exam and become successful, are exempt from related courses.


6. Competency Requirements and Terms

It is necessary that student become successful from all courses in the program and does not have any FF, DZ or YZ condition. Student must provide 240 AKTS credits and his/her general point avarege must above 2.00 from 4.00. There is not apprenticeship etc requirement to graduate from program.


7.  Objectives of the Programme

  • Drawing the students whose sense of responsibility is developed to its structure in the bachelor degree by raising their awareness in secondary educaiton.
  • Providing the main elements of history completely and help them to prepare for their future consciously.
  • Providing the students, to be more informed specific field and issues by managing in graduate period and informing them esspecially who aims academic career.
  • Providing the passing of student to postgraduate programs as equipped with plan and programs.
  • Keeping up to date the knowledge by following latest development on the field and organizing activities as conferance, symposium, panel etc about them.
  • Providing an active education life to students with programs as Erasmus and Farabi by connecting to related national and international institutions.


8. Programmes Competences (Learning Outcomes)

Gaining sufficient knowledge about history and institutional and practical informations in this field.

Gaining informations about supporter sciences of history

- Occupational and etical responsibility conscious

- Ability to use modern techniques as computer and computer software in social sciences.

- Increasing effectiveness of foreign language to reach sources about the field

- Ability of personal study, disciplinary and inter-disciplinary research.

- Ability of understanding data with their national and global effects. 

- Ability to follow occupational current events.

- Ability to make sciencific research by his/herself or under the his/her consultant.

- Ability to analyze, eveluate and design data.

- Gaining a critical perspective.


9. Careers

Students who graduated from our department can work in state institutions and organizations (Ministry of Culture and Tourism, National Library, Turkish General Staff, Turkish Historical Society, Turkish Language Society, Atatürk Culture Society, Ottoman and Republic Archive, Foundation Archives, General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre etc.) and in private institutions which employed as specialist, lecturer, teacher.


10. Further Study

Applicants who completes graduate education succesfully, can be educated in postgraduate programs of related fields on condition that they have sufficient points from ALES or an equal exam and know foreign language in sufficent level.


11. Manner of Study



12. Address and Contact Details ( Head of Department/ Programme and Deputies)

Eskişehir Osmangazi Üniversitesi Fen Edebiyat Fakültesi Tarih Bölümü F4 Blok

Meşelik Yerleşkesi 26480 Eskişehir

Tel 222 239 37 50 / 2717

Prof. Dr. Mesut ERŞAN (Head of Department) Extension: 2728/2717

Assistant Prof. Dr. Musa KILIÇ (Co-head of Department) Dahili: 2703



13. Department/Program Facilities

There are 27 academician as 5 professor doctor, 8 associate professor doctor, 9 assistant professor doctor, 1 research assistant  doctor, 4 research assistant and 5 administrative staff in department of history.

There are 22 office and 7 classroom, a 55 m2 meeting room and 16 m2 guest lecturer room in 1000 m2 usage area. 4 classrooms are equiped stable projector and computer and also there are 16 laptops and 1 portable projector.


14. Academic Staff

Ancient History

Assoc.Prof. Dr. Fatma SEVİNÇ ERBAŞI  (Head of Chair and Erasmus Coordinator)

Research Assistant Ahmet TÜRKAN


Medieval Age

Prof. Dr. Hasan Hüseyin ADALIOĞLU (Head of Chair, Director of Institute of Social Science )

Research Assistant Dr. İslam KAVAS

Research Assistant Yunus Arifoğlu


Early Modern Ages

Prof Dr. Numan ELİBOL (Head of Chair and Mevlana Coordinator)

Assoc.Prof. Dr. Kamil ÇOLAK

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Meryem KAÇAN ERDOĞAN (Farabi Coordinator)

Research Assistant. Duygu TANIDI


Modern Ages

Prof.Dr. Osman KÖKSAL (Head of Chair)

Assoc.Prof. Dr. Meral BAYRAK

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Emine GÜMÜŞSOY

Assoc Prof. Dr. Hayrettin PINAR 

Assistant Prof. Dr. Cezmi KARASU

Assistant Prof. Dr. Musa KILIÇ (Co-Head of Department)

Assistant Prof. Dr. Serkan DEMİRBAŞ



General Turkish History

Assistant Prof. Dr. Oktay BERBER (Head of Chair)

Research Assistant. Yusuf AKBABA (ÖYP)


History of Republic of Turkey

Prof. Dr.Mesut ERŞAN (Head of Chair )

Assoc.Prof. Dr. Zafer KOYLU

Assoc.Prof. Dr. Fahri YETİM 

Assistant Prof. Dr. Selahattin ÖNDER

Assistant Prof.Dr. Mustafa Yahya METİNTAŞ

Assistant Prof. Dr.Volkan MARTTİN


History of Ottoman Institutions and Civilization

Prof. Dr. Meral BAYRAK (Head of Chair)