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Department of Dentistry

1. General Information

ESOGU Faculty of Dentistry was founded as Deanary of ESOGU Faculty of Dentistry affiliated with ESOGU Rectorate on 28th March 2008 by decree number of 2008/13383 of Council of Ministers.

Eskişehir Osmangazi University, Faculty of Dentistry is an institution which serves quality dentistry training and treatment.

Our purpose in dentistry;

  • To train “a dentist” who is qualified, practicable, creative; thus preferred by the world of education and health with 5 years of basic and clinical dentistry education
  • To contribute to modern dentistry by training specialists with post graduate education programs
  • To treat all aspects of tooth and mouth health issues regarding ethics.

In the faculty work is being done to increase the number of dental units and common laboratories.

Our faculty serves in Meşelik Campus. There are technical and social optional lessons besides essential lessons.

Graduates of our faculty are able to work at private offices, public and private hospitals; in addition, they can also continue as an academician.


2. Deserved Degree

Students who successfully complete the program entitled to a diploma of bachelor's Degree on Dentistry


3.  Level of Degree

Bachelor's Degree

Terms of Admission and Registration

General admission requirements should be provided both Turkish and foreign students


4. Recognition of Previous Education

Recognition of previous formal education and  various transfers  from other Turkish Higher Education Institutions were assessed in accordance by the “RELEVANT REGULATIONS.”

Recognition of  certificate-based and experience-based  trainings, except that formal  education  institutes,   for some of the computer and foreign language courses, exemptions are scheduled at the beginning of each academic year. Students who pass the exam will be exempt from the related course in the curriculum.


5. Qualification Requirements and Regulations

The student must be passed  all the courses of the program, also should not take notes        FF, DZ or YZ. In this program, the student at least 300 ECTS credits and must have a      GPA of at least 2.00 out of 4.00. Education is compulsory internship in the last year.


6. Aim of the program

- Training dentists who have peculiar interests and knowledge in dental issues with  traditional life sources regarding dental problems.

-Conducting international studies in collaboration with civil foundations and solving dental problems of the public

- To apply experience, and skills that obtained with the theoretical and practical knowledge, to every step of his career and Dentistry processes.

- Training ethical and collaborative dentists who comprehend the importance of dental      hygiene


7. The Capacity of the Program

Problem modelling and problem solving skills by using theoretical and practical   information in dentistry.

Problem definiton skills with the application of suitable analysis and modelling methods in dentistry.

Planning, defining,formulating and applying the suitable analyse and modelling methodproblem solving in dentistry.

Individual studying skills interdisciplinary andintra disciplinary team work skills.

Verbal and written communication skills in Turkish language and the skill of     conversation in a foreign language.

Consciousness of necessity of learning during all life; Access to information, following the development of science and technology and self-renewing ability

Consciousness of professional and ethic responsibility

Knowledge about the professional practices like risk control with project management and modification management


8. Deploy Chances of Graduated Students

Students graduated from the dentistry education successfully, can have an opportunity to work at following spaces;


  • They can work at health units of enterprises relating to Ministry of Health or belonging to some public corporation and private sector as a dentist.
  • They can work at their own clinic.
  • They can have special training at the departments of dentistry faculties after deserving to study and have chance to get academic career.


9.  Postgraduate Programs

Students graduated from dentistry faculties can study at postgraduate programs if they are successful at ALES or similar exams and foreign language exams.


10. Exams, Measurements and Evaluations

Measurement and evaluation method for each lesson was defined on “Lesson Data Form” particularly.


11. Graduation Requirements

Requirements of graduation was described as “Qualification Requirements and Regulations”  section.


12. Mode of Study (Full-Time, E-Learning)



13. Address and Contact Information (Faculty/ Program Director, Vice and Erasmus Coordinator)

Eskişehir Osmangazi University Faculty of Dentistry

Meşelik 26480 Eskişehir

Tel 222 239 13 03


14. Faculty/Program Facilities


The academic staff consist of  2 Professor PhD, 1 Associate Professor PhD, 10 Assistant Professor PhD, 2 Instructor PhD, 2 Speciality Assistant DDS.

In the  total area of  ??4235  m2, Faculty of Dentistry has 1 Local operating room, 1clinical imaging center and 8 operation clinics.

15. Academic Staff Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery


Prof. Sinan AY, DDS,PhD (Head)

Assistant Professor, Ömür DERECİ, DDS,PhD

Assistant Professor, Duygu YAZICIOĞLU, DDS,PhD

Assistant, Emrah ÖZMUTLU, DDS

Assistant, Ömer EKİCİ, DDS


Department of Radiology

Assistant Professor, Esra GÖMLEKSİZ YEŞİLOVA, DDS,PhD (Head)


Department of  Restorative Dentistry


Assistant Professor, Batucan YAMAN, DDS,PhD (Head)

Assistant Professor, Özgür IRMAK, DDS,PhD

Department of Endodontics

Öğr.Gör.Dr. Betül GÜNEŞ, DDS,PhD



Department of Orthodontics


Assistant Professor, İlhan Metin DAĞSUYU, DDS,PhD  (Head)


Department of Pediatric Dentistry


Associate Professor, Şule BAYRAK, DDS,PhD (Head)

Assistant Professor, Nuray TÜLOĞLU, DDS,PhD (Anabilim Dalı Başkanı)


Department of  Periodontology


Assistant Professor, Arzu BEKLEN TANZER, DDS,PhD (Head)


Department of  Prosthodontics


Assistant Professor, Emre MUMCU, DDS,PhD (Head)

Assistant Professor, Emre ŞEKER, DDS,PhD