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Doctorate Degree in Tourism Management

General Information

In 2013-2014 Academic Year Fall Semester, Doctorate Program has been opened under the Department of Tourism Management within the Social Sciences Institute of our university. The Doctorate Program in Tourism Management consist of at least 10 courses, a proficiency exam, a dissertation proposal, a specialization course and a thesis study provided that a total of 30 credits are not covered. The proficiency exam, thesis proposal, specialization course and thesis work are non-credit and evaluated as successful or unsuccessful. Students are required to complete a total of 30 credits (60 ECTS) in 2 semesters for the PhD Program in Tourism Management. After completing the doctoral courses, students are required to pass the doctoral qualification exam. The students who are successful in the proficiency exam carry out a thesis study together with the assigned faculty member and defend their thesis studies before the designated jury members. Students who have successfully completed the course period and thesis work will have a doctorate degree in the field of Tourism Management.

Tourism Management

1.General Information

The aim of the Tourism Management Department, which started education in 2013-2014; in Turkey, the most recognized and preferred by students to be a part of. In this direction, Tourism Management department offers high quality and standards of education and training programs, and also contributes to scientific studies with publications. Our students have the characteristics of effective communication skills, sense of social responsibility, being flexible against innovations. Graduates of our department are preparing to take their place in leading managerial positions in tourism firms.

2. Qualification Awarded

Students who successfully complete the program are awarded with a PhD degree in Tourism Management.

3. Degree Level


4. Acceptance and Registration Provisions

General acceptance provisions are valid to start program for Turkish and foreign students.

5. Recognition of Prior Learning

In the field of Turkish Ph.D. recognition of previous formal learning (education) and horizontal passes are carried out within the scope `Regulation On Graduate Education` which is decided (determined) by High Education Board.

6. Proficiency Requirements and Norms

It’s essential that students must be succeed at all courses, and must not get FF, DZ or YZ grade. In this program, students must complete at least 240 ECTS credits and grade point average must be at least 3,00 out of 4,00.

7. Program Profile (Objective)

  • The aim of this course is to educate researchers and practitioners who can carry out important scientific contributions with their researches in the field of Tourism Management.
  • To provide academic experience to students, academicians and managers who want to conduct scientific research in the field of science through the Doctorate Program in Tourism Management,
  • To help faculty members share their knowledge and experience with new researchers in the field they work in, thus assisting PhD students in gaining the ability to conduct qualified scientific research,
  • ​ The aim of this course is to enable the students to develop projects in the fields of tourism that are directly related to the field of tourism.

8. Program Proficiencies (Learning Outputs)

1)   Having advanced conceptual and practical knowledge in the field of tourism management, will be able to classify, analyze and evaluate this information within the framework of scientific method.

2)  Identify the problems encountered by tourism enterprises, will be able to develop the necessary research design and solution ways,
3)   Will be able to follow current trends in tourism management and social sciences and adapt to changes,
4)   Will be able to carry out team work effectively, to share tasks among the people in the team and to provide coordination.
5)   Students will be able to design economic indicators by identifying business opportunities in the market and design ways to benefit from these opportunities.

6)   The student will be able to express the problem or problem in the frame of the information he / she has acquired, and will be able to express his / her solutions or suggestions in written and orally,

7)    Gaining the ability to follow and use information and communication technologies that are constantly developing,
8)    Will be able to carry out necessary planning, coordination and control activities in the realization of the projects by gaining effective management skills,

9)    To be aware of the social responsibility in the decisions and applications taken by adopting legal, ethical and professional principles,

10)  Manage interpersonal relations,

11)  To be able to produce innovative ideas, to encourage the production of innovative ideas and to implement these ideas.

9. Employment Opportunities of Graduates

Students who graduate from the program can work as lecturers or faculty members in tourism faculties, tourism-related colleges and vocational schools. In addition, graduates can be employed in hospitality establishments (hotels, motels, resorts, holiday villages), in A, B and C group travel agencies, tour operators, tourist information offices, various transportation companies, fair and organization companies.

10. Access to Further Studies


11. Examinations, Assessment and Evaluation

The assessment and evaluation methods for each course are defined in detail in the “Course Information Form Her.

12. Graduation Requirements

Graduation requirements is as described in “Proficiency Requirements and Norms”.

13. Program Type (Full-time, e-learning)


14. Contact Information (Chair, Assistant Chairs and Erasmus Coordinator)

Eskişehir Osmangazi University Faculty of  Tourism

Faculty of Tourism - Meşelik 26480 Eskişehir

Phone (+90) 222 239 37 50


Prof. Dr. Cihan SEÇİLMİŞ (Head of Department)

Assist. Prof. Dr. O. Can YILMAZDOĞAN (Co-Head of Department)

Assist. Prof. Dr. Cansev ÖZDEMİR ( (Co-Head of Department)/ Erasmus Coordinator)

15. Department/Program Facilities

In Tourism Faculty, there are 23 academic staff (3 Professor Doctors, 4 Associate Proffessors, 5 Asst. Prof. Dr., 4 Lecturer and  3 Research Assistant Doctor and 4 Research Assistant) and 16 administrative staff. Tourism Faculty has 32 offices, 9 lecture halls and 12 classrooms,1 Computer Laboratory, 1 Gastronomy and Culinary Arts Department Application Laboratory and 1 reading room in the Faculty of Tourism, and the all classrooms are equipped with the latest technology equipment.

16. Academic Staff

Prof. Dr. Yaşar SARI

Prof. Dr. Cihan SEÇİLMİŞ

Prof. Dr. Rahman TEMİZKAN

Assoc. Prof. Dr. S. Pınar TEMİZKAN

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Cüneyt TOKMAK

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Duran CANKÜL

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ebru ARSLANER

Assist. Prof. Dr. O. Can YILMAZDOĞAN

Assist. Prof. Dr. Barış DEMİRCİ

Assist. Prof. Dr. Mahmut Sami İŞLEK

Assist. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Sedat İPAR 


Lect. Dr. Ersan EROL

Lect. Dr. Yılmaz SEVER

Lect. Taner ERDOĞAN 

Res. Ass. Dr. Seher KONAK

Res. Ass. Dr. Orhan YABANCI

Res. Ass. Dr. Beybala TİMUR

Res. Ass. Yasin Emre OĞUZ

Res. Ass. Özel KILIÇ

Res. Ass. Gizem Sultan KAMAN

Res. Ass. Yunus ÖZHASAR

17. Objectives & Learning Outcomes (T.Y.Y.Ç)