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Faculty of Sciences and Arts

Faculty of Arts and Sciences was established in 1973 as the School of Basic Sciences. In 1980, the Mathematics Department started education (the name of the department was changed as the Department of Mathematics and Computer Sciences in 2008). The Departments of Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Statistics were established in 1982. The Departments of History, Turkish Language and Literature and Comparative Literature were founded in 1983, 1996 and 2000, respectively.

Faculty of Arts and Sciences consists of eight departments: Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Statistics, Mathematics and Computer Sciences, History, Turkish Language and Literature and Comparative Literature. These departments also offer evening education programs.

The main goal of the faculty is to train students as professionals and scientists equipped with academic skills. For this objective, each department of the faculty offers various compulsory and elective courses on their fields.

Graduates from the faculty occupy leading positions in industry, government, education, media, and commerce. A considerable number of the alumni have also an academic career.

Departments of our faculty carry out graduate programs in cooperation with both the Institutes of Science and Social Sciences. Furthermore, the faculty makes important contributions to intellectual and scientific environment thorough researches made by its academic staff.

The faculty provides modern laboratory and research facilities such as laboratories for studies in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer as well as a conference hall for 230 audiences.

Students of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences have a remarkable rate of success. Our faculty encourages students to participate in academic activities and we are highly proud of the students awarded in scientific and cultural competitions.