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The Department of Elementary Teacher Training Program for Religious Culture and Ethical Knowledge

1. General Information

The Department of Elementary Teacher Training Programme for Religious Culture and Ethical Knowledge was established in 2009-2010 academic year. In this department for I.education 55 and II. education 55 in total 110 students are teached undergraduate education.


2. Qualification Awarded

Undergraduate degree is given to students who successfully complete the program (Department of Elementary Teacher Training Programme for Religious Culture and Ethical Knowledge).


3. Level of Qualification

Undergraduate Degree


4. Qualification Requirements And Admission  

 General Admission Requirements are applied for Turkish and international students.


5. Recognition of prior learning

General arrangements for the recognition of prior learning are done according to scope ofthe rules of Regulation.

General Admission Requirements to begin the program are applied for Turkish Students and international students. Students who were previously educated-trained in another higher education institution are exempted from the courses they completed.


6. Qualification Requirements and Regulations

All courses must be passed in the student's program, grade should not be FF, DZ or YZ. In this program, students provide a minimum of 240 ECTS credits and an overall grade point average should be 2,00 out of 4,00 in the end of four years.


7. Program Profile (Aim)

The purpose of the program is to train leader student teachers in the field of religious culture and ethics education; having an extensive knowledge accumulation about the teachings of religions and morality and competence of analyze  national values along ??with universal values; capable of analyzing humanistic and social issues in the context of religious and moral teachings; equipped to take an active role in the construction of the more virtuous society and world and able to work a multicultural environment.


8. Program Competencies (Learning Outcomes)

1.      She/he defines the basic concepts in the field of Theology.

2.      She/he evaluates meaning of the facts about religion, morality and values for individual and society and knows processes and the historical development of religions. 

3.      She/he has knowledge of developing material acoordance with the teaching of Religion and Ethics course and has knowledge of applying in a creative way.

4.      She/he uses   information of technologies and media tools effectively in a teaching of Religion and Moral.

5.      She/he  chooses   texts of hadith and verses related to contemporary life and human relations  with the environment effectively   in a  teaching of Religion and Moral.

6.      She/he solves the problems encountered in the classroom discipline and equipment.

7.      She/he uses reading, speaking, listening and writing skills (in Turkish, English or Arabic) of education of religion and ethics in scientific activities.

8.      She/he prepares lesson plans for students who need special education.

9.      She/he uses appropriate assessment and evaluation tools and methods teaching of Religion and Moral in   stage of evaluate.

10.  She/he effectively does planning suras and prayers that are in education of religion and ethics  programs and   teaching  of meaning  this suras and prayers  in  primary education.

11.  She/he knows the ways of attaining necessary knowledge for lifelong learning.

12.  She/he follows development of personal, educational, proffesional and evaluate objectives, process, gains in a realistic.

13.  She/he internalizes, develops, discusses and analyzes knowledge that are learned.

14.  She/he recognizes and uses learning principles, methods effectively.

15.  She/he evaluates the differences in wealth within the religion of society, develops projects to provide social coexistence.

16.  She/he develops behaviors that are emphasis on social values, social relationship.

17.  She/he choose field’s information, evaluate according to scientific criterias and adapts level of the learner by diversifying.


9. Job opportunities for  graduates

Students graduating from Department of Elementary Teacher Training Programme for Religious Culture and Ethical Knowledge are appointed as teacher of Religious Culture and Ethical Knowledge in primary and secondary schools of the Ministry of National Education.


 10. Jump to Top Degree Programs

Candidates who competed successfully the bachelor's degree, can attend postgraduate programs in their respective or related fields provided that they have ALES or equivalent examinations and obtain valid points and sufficient knowledge of foreign language.


11. Testing, Measurement and Evaluation

Evaluation and assessment methods for each course is defined in "Course Information Form"


12. Graduation Requirements

Graduation requirements are described in "qualification requirements and rules".


13. Mode of Study (Full-Time, E-Learning)

Full- Time


14. Address and Contact Information (Chapter / Program Director, Assistant and Erasmus Coordinator) 

Osmangazi University Faculty of Theology

Meşelik Campus 26480 Eskişehir

Tel: 0(222) 239 37 50


15. Program Opportunities

Training programs and departments consist of 1 associate professor and 2 research assistants. The field courses on the program are conducted academic staff of Faculty of Theology and the courses on teaching profession are conducted academic staff of Faculty of Education. There are five classrooms and one Hat / Calligraphy workshop those have been allocated to the department in the building of Faculty of Theology. All classrooms have interactive whiteboards and projection equipment.


 16. Academic Staff

Research assistant Aybiçe TOSUN

Research assistant İshak TEKİN