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Metallurgical Engineering (PhD)


Ability to apply informations of maths, science and engineering.


Ability to access information in Metallurgical Engineering in a scientific manner in depth and in width as well as to assess, interpret and use the information obtained.


Detailed knowledge of the sate-of-the art techniques and methods applicable to the Metallurgical Engineering and their limitations.


Ability to designing, performing experiment, analyzing and interpreting the experiment results.


Awareness of the new and developing practices in Metallurgical Engineering and ability to study and learn such practices whenever needed.


Ability to recognize and formulate problems in Metallurgical Engineering and to develop methods to solve such problems utilizing innovative methods.


Ability to develop new or original ideas, to design complex systems or processes, and to come up with innovative/alternative solutions.


Ability to advanced design of a system, material or process in order to provide to desired requirement.


Ability to function effectively in multidisciplinary teams, to lead such teams and suggest solutions in such work environments; ability to work independently and take responsibility.


Ability to advanced proficiency of understanding impacts at global and social context of solution of Metallurgy Engineering


Ability to evaluate current scientific, technological, social, cultural and environmental developments; possession of scientific fairness and observation of ethical values and responsibility.


Ability to use at least one foreign language and to communicate and carry discussions in this language at the advanced level in written, oral or visual forms.


Ability to do a critical analysis, assessment and synthesis of the ideas and developments in the field of research.


Ability to present the academic works and their results in all kinds of respectable academic environments and publish them.